The process of having a good lawn with Bermuda grass starts by selecting the best seed. Despite the differences between different soils and climates, manufactures have been clever to develop many options that adapt to them. From new coating technologies followed by hybrid varieties, the Bermuda grass seed can have it all. Nowadays,there is no reason not to have a beautiful and dense turf. This list covers the best Bermuda grass seed that you can find in the market now.Keep Reading for bermuda grass seed reviews.

Comparison table Of Bermuda Grass Seed

Details Reviewed Of Best Bermuda Grass Seed

Areas with aggressive and extensive periods of heat and drought are the perfect candidates for these seeds. That is because these seeds are specially prepared with Scott´s Water Smart Plus Technology. It allows fast and easy growing in about 5-12 days and allows the seeds to spread to fill in empty spots and move out malicious weeds.

4-in 1 Smart Plus Coating Technology

This is what makes Scotts the  Bermuda grass seed brand. Besides, it is the best option for hot weather. That is because in the first place, it absorbs double amounts of water than other types of seeds, which allows them to keep the moist twice too. Secondly, these are part of the best selection of Scott´s seeds that also are protected against diseases. They are enriched with the best nutrients and the grass you obtain is thick, green and strong to handle the hottest climatic conditions.

Texture & Tolerance

The final texture of this Bermuda grass is fine bladed with intense green color. Besides being highly tolerant of scorching heat, it is also drought-resistant.

How to Use it

You can use these seeds in a new lawn or for over seeding. In both cases, they work perfectly well. The secret to success is to spread them well and evenly. Also, water the area on a daily basis 2 or 3 times a day during the first 2-3 weeks or until they reach 2 inches tall. It will impulse the growing of the new grass in a healthy way. Also, consider that the best time to plant them is late spring.


  • Although at first may show some batches, when it grows completely, it spreads all over the lawn
  • It can tolerate extreme weather conditions
  • Drought-resistant.


  • It doesn´t grow well in shaded areas, so if you have mixed areas you should consider to buy other product for those spaces
  • The 5 Lbs bag might not cover the 5,000 sq. feet that the manufacturer claims

When your lawn gets batches, this is the best product to patch and repair it if you have Bermuda grass. This innovative product contains seeds that can grow on any area and even tolerate extreme weather conditions. That is thanks to a unique mixture of the best grass seeds and ultra-absorbing features. Besides, it has self-releasing nutrients of the highest quality. As a result, all patches will look thick and like part of the rest of the lawn.

Unique Mixture

Besides high-quality Bermuda grass seeds, this product also contains a significant amount of mulch. Due to this, it can absorb up to 6x times its weight in water. As a result, it creates a strongly moisturized protective layer around the seed that boost its growth in the most extreme conditions.

Botanical Glue

These seeds are also mixed with the botanical glue Tackifier, which is 100% organic and biodegradable. Its main function is to avoid seeds washing away and hold them when are planted on slopes or hills, high trafficking areas, and dry areas affected by the wind. This also protects the seeds from harmful diseases that commonly attack new seedlings.

How to use it

This mixture of seeds works best as a patching product. You only need to follow 3 steps to succeed. First, prepare the area by removing dead grass and loosening the oil. Secondly, apply the product until covering the whole area but that still shows the soil. Finally, water the area until saturating it and water it again when it gets light brown.


  • It makes grow grass anywhere when it is properly planted and cared
  • It also contains fertilizer with self-releasing nutrients
  • It works best as a patching product


  • It isn´t kid and pet-friendly as it requires them to stay away until the Bermuda grass grows at least 3 inches.

Pennington Bermuda grass seed is a selected blend of Bermuda grasses that include Mohawk and Sultan varieties, which are aimed to improve other varieties. This makes them wear-resistant with high capacity to tolerate droughts, heat, and pests.

Penkoted Technology

The seeds of this blend are also treated with the exclusive liquid coating material with Penkoted technology from Pennington corporation. It is fungicide and insecticide. Besides, boost the growth of the grass while protects it from insects, diseases, and birds. This strengthens the roots and allows healthier, stronger, and more chances to survive grass.

How to use it

You can use it for new lawns or for overseeding. To obtain the best results, it is necessary to plant them in late spring or in the Summer season because it is more suitable for hot temperatures.


  • It has the exclusive Penkoted coating that makes them more durable and resistant It offers a deep-root system
  • It self-spreads rapidly


  • It doesn´t grow well in shaded areas

This is a type of seed to grow a variety of Bermuda grass for template climates. It is best hybrid bermuda grass seed. Still, these Bermuda grass seeds get benefited from a special coating that allows them to absorb a lot of water that reaches the double of those without coating. Consequently, you won´t have to water them that much. 

How it grows

When these seeds flourish, they do it so strong that you need to mow them frequently. The green color of the grass is strong and remains that way even with high temperatures and droughts.

How to use it

Just clean and water the soil, spread the seed, and keep watering it frequently.


  •  Drought tolerance is Outstanding
  • It grows really fast


  • It doesn´t grow easily in shady places

This product comes in a package of 5 lbs with such an extraordinary price that is worthy to consider. And what makes it even better is that it comes from a well-recognized seeding company. Although it works incredibly well in lawns and parks, it is suitable for pastures too and erosion control seeding applications.

The appearance

This Bermuda grass variety flourishes in dark green color, thicker, and has fine leaves, all of which makes it different from other regular Bermuda varieties.


  • The total coverage of the bag may reach up to 50,000 square feet
  • It tolerates drought and heat


  • Despite its high level of water absorption, it still needs frequent watery before it starts to germinate.

Local brands may add great value when it comes to grass seeds. This is the case with the X-Seed product. It offers high-quality seeds for Bermuda grass. With a unique combination of the best seeds and special coating, it delivers excellent results to enhance the germination process.

The seeds

The high quality of the seeds starts by selecting the best ones. The company focuses on screening the best portions and then reinforcing them with an extra polymer coating. Commonly, dry seeds have difficult to grow and germinate with lack of water. And, this special coat allows them to retain water for longer periods. Hence, it maximizes its absorption to the point of needing about 40% less watering.

Growing conditions

The high percentage of germination of these seeds comes from its special polymer coating that boosts the growth of the grass. As a result, it improves root establishement and its growth is uniform through the entire lawn.


  • 01 bag covers up to 2,000 sq.ft of existing lawns and 1,000 sq.ft of new lawns
  • Excellent and affordable value/price


  • Seeds only grow when they have full exposure to the sun
  • The bag that contains the seed is not resealable


What kind of Bermuda lawn should I grow?

Ans: Typical Bermuda grass is still among one of the most planted brands in seed kind. Common Bermuda Grass is a lot more cost-effective than vegetative options. Advantages are thick development, is quick to develop, affordable of seed in addition to excellent overall characteristics, make it a prominent selection for the lawn as well as field demands.

Exactly how quick does Bermuda grass expand?

Ans: It is advised that you utilize hulled seeds in the springtime as well as summer season. The seed growth of hulled Bermuda grass can be anywhere from a brief 5 to 10 days, yet remember that it can take 28 days, approximately a month, to sprout entirely.

Why do you place sand on Bermuda grass?

Ans:When blended right into the dirt, sand will undoubtedly loosen up compressed clay and also offer enhanced water drainage. Bermuda lawn will certainly expand throughout sand much faster than it will certainly in dirt.

Do you require to reseed Bermuda grass?

Ans:The option to keep an environment-friendly grass is to OVER SEED Bermuda. It is NOT suggested that a young, very first-year stand of Bermuda be over seeded.

Does Bermuda yard expand in the evening?

Bermuda grass is a warm-season yard that requires cozy temperature levels both night and day to flourish genuinely, Jennings claimed. ... "The lawn will certainly attempt to expand on cozy days; however,an amazing evening closes down the internal 'equipment,' which primarily negates any type of continual development.

How To Grow Bermuda grass?

Buying Guide

If you want to have a lush lawn with glorious Bermuda grass, it is not enough to select a good seed. You also have to pick a variety that grows well in the area where you are. Check here what need to consider when selecting the seed.

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Climate and weather conditions

This is probably the most important issue to consider. In fact, all brands and varieties are structured according to this information. The good news is that there are Bermuda grass seeds available for each climate.

Also, as you probably know, Bermuda grass grows in hot weather, but lower temperatures can also enjoy it. In general, it flourishes in Spring, and during the Summer, The Fall and the Winter are normally used to plant them and the grass that is already planted tends to get a brown color. Nowadays, it is common that different brands organize their products according to the zone of the country, so if you follow it, you will have better chances to get a lush can check this site for more information to some ways to plant bermuda grass seed.


New technologies have made it possible to add coatings to the seed. They bring a lot of benefits and the best brands have them. For instance, Pennington brand has a registered name for Penkoted and the brand Scotts has many products with smart coatings. This is what allows fast-growing and provide additional protection to different issues such as pests and other things.


The success of the seed depends upon a good watery. So, if you find varieties with less watery requirements, it will increase your chances to have a good lawn with less effort. Usually, you can diminish the watery requirements by selecting smart technologies that offer coating to the seed. Also, some varieties are more resistant to heat and need less water. In any case, going for fewer water requirements is the right direction.


There are several varieties of Bermuda grass. They bring different tones of green, different thickness, resistance, fine or thick blades, and other features. When you select the variety, you also select the look that your lawn will have. It also influences what type of care you will have to provide.

Hybrids are commonly found, and one example is the Pennington Bermuda Grass Seed,which includes an exclusive blend that develops an original variety. Therefore, keep an eye on the variety because the  best Bermuda grass seed is closely tied to this condition.

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