7 Best Centipede Grass Seed for lawn In 2022

Centipede Grass Seed

Last Updated on June 10, 2022

Using the best centipede grass seed is a brilliant decision when you are located in warm areas. Besides having an excellent look, this grass offers the advantage of low maintenance and extreme heat tolerance. Most of the varieties of seeds available in the market contain excellent conditions.

However, the centipede grass seeds excel for their flexibility to grow in sunny and shaded areas. Also, for the increased resistance to the already natural strength of this grass. Therefore, all the efforts to find the best option will return great benefits in the medium and long term when it comes to saving your budget for maintenance and reseeding.

Common Types of Centipede Grass

You guys already know about the centipede grass and we’ll talk later about the best way to plant centipede grass seed. Before that you should know about the centipede grass, it grows slowly but completely weed-free. Let’s see the types.

TifBlair Centipede Grass

Probably the Best centipede grass seed for Georgia. The University of Georgia released this type of centipede grass in the late 90s. TifBlair overcomes most of the disadvantages we see in common centipede grasses. It can tolerate cold, extreme conditions and never get faded in winter. TifBlair Seeds are larger, tolerates acidic soil pretty well, pH range around 5 to 6.5 and requires sparingly fertilization.

Oklawn Centipede Grass

You may ask why is centipede grass seed so expensive? But i think you don’t know oklawn centipede costs more than another centipede. Because it has the ability to tolerate drought and extreme cold. Furthermore, Oklawn centipede grass has a bluish-green hue. It is good at both under the full sun or partial shade. Grows slowly and has a medium texture. It is resistant to insect damage and heat.

Hammock Centipede Grass

Hammock Centipede is not popular around the world or even in the entire USA. It is only distributed by Florida environmental Turf, Inc.It is popular for its dark green color and heat tolerance.

Top 7 centipede grass seed

Choosing the Centipede Grass Seed

Since the centipede grass is a resistant grass with many extra features, when choosing the seeds, you should focus on aspects that enhance their natural features. Below is a list of the best options to consider.

1. Gulf Kist Centipede Grass Seed for a Dense Green Lawn

These are grass seeds that will give you thick blades with a gorgeous lush cover. But it doesn´t come naturally. The reason to achieve such a great grass consists of the special coating of the seeds. It allows them to survive under the most harmful conditions. Also, they have better germination rates due that the coating allows the better seed to soil contact.  

Although a big brand does not manufacture these grass seeds, it is constantly proving that they offer incredible results.

Key Features

  • Coated seeds that establish a microenvironment that stimulates vigorous growth
  • Extra protection against fungus
  • Extra retention of water due to the coating
  • It grows slow
  • One pound of seeds covers up to 4,000 sq. ft
  • Once established, the grass requires to feed twice a year


  • Product dimensions: 8.2 x 4.6 x 1.8 inches
  • Item weight: 1.05 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Woerner Turf
  • It is not necessary to add mulch due to the coating
  • It requires less mowing due to the slow-growing
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty
  • It only requires fertilizer after the grass is fully established
  • It is essential to till the soil before planting to guarantee good results

Final Verdict

The coating of these seeds adds a necessary element that contributes greatly to obtain better grass. In the end, the resulting centipede grass requires less mowing, less fertilizer, and less care. In other words, it is a budget-friendly option with the highest quality and standards. 

2. Certified TifBlair Centipede Grass Seed – Direct from The Farm

This product offers certified and coated seeds that come directly from the farm. These three conditions guarantee maximum results. And, they make that the centipede grass that the seeds produce has the qualities of the best varieties. Among them, the new grass is highly resistant and tolerant of extreme weather conditions.

Also, its faster coverage allows that you can enjoy a green carpet of the most amazing grass in a shorter time. These certified seeds provide you with the best of centipede grass but multiplied by two.

Key Features

  • The seeds are coated to increase their germination rate and survival
  • 1 lb bag covers up to 4,000 sq. ft
  • It grows under full sun or partial shade
  • The soil temperature requires to be 60° or higher before seeding
  • Recommended for Southern coastal areas and upper transition zone
  • It offers faster coverage than other common centipede grasses


  • Product dimensions: 8 x 5.4 x 1.5 inches
  • Item weight: 1 pound
  • Manufacturer: Patten Seed Company
  • It has low fertility requirements
  • The product comes directly from a family farm
  • The resulting grass stays greener during more time in the Fall and recovers the green earlier in Spring
  • It grows well even in poor soils
  • Seeds are too tiny and difficult to spread
  • About half of the content of the bag is inner matter or coating

Final Verdict

This might be considered a premium pack of seeds due to all the qualities that it has. So, if you are looking for the greatest, this is a great option to consider. Besides, the content has great coverage, and the price remains competitive.

3. Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair Centipede Grass

This is a revolutionary seeding mix that took a step ahead for centipede grass. That is because it contains unique materials that maximize the absorption of water and fertilize during the growing process. Since the seeds are already high-quality, the chances to obtain a wonderful centipede lawn in record time is guaranteed. And, those features also make it ideal for patch and repair.

Key Features

  • Seeds have high-performance quality
  • It includes mulch that acts like a sponge to absorb 6x its weight in water
  • Suitable to grow in full sun and partial shade
  • It includes slow-release fertilizer that boosts the germination of the seeds
  • Protective layer that keeps seeds away from harmful diseases
  • Tackifier to avoid seeds from washing away
  • It grows in acidic soil and tolerates scorching heat


  • Product dimensions: 6.13 x 16 x 9.38 inches
  • Item weight: 10.28 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Scotts
  • When the mulch is full of water, it provides a moist protective layer to the seed
  • It grows well on sloped areas
  • It germinates in about 14-30 days
  • The pack doesn´t show the coverage of the product

Final Verdict

Although it is initially advertised to cover patches, these centipede grass seeds work incredibly well for seeding a full lawn. Having the support of the Scotts brand makes it even better than it is a 3-in-1 product. So, if you are looking for high-quality and comfortable with fewer steps, this is the product you need to get.

4. Mayberry Centipede Seed

Mayberry seeds offer an excellent presentation for extended areas. It works particularly well to avoid annoying weeds. And, they thrive incredibly well either under the sun or partial shade. Although it is not a renowned brand, it has a high percentage of germination and seems to be working really well.

This variety is so strong and aggressive that it can choke out other weeds. It means that you will have an extraordinary grass.

Key Features

  •  It is 99% weed-free and chokes out existing weeds
  • 6 lbs of content cover 24,000 sq. ft
  • Seeds grow under sun or partial shade
  • It has low fertilization requirements


  • Product dimensions: 5.5 x 4.5 x 10 inches
  • Item weight: 6 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Ragan & Massey, Inc.
  • It is necessary to mow less often than others
  • It is drought tolerant
  • The content of 6lbs cover extended areas
  • Results show that some weeds may appear

Final Verdict

There is no question that if you have an extended area where to plant centipede grass, this is one of the best options. Firstly, the package offers an incredible price for a lot of products. Secondly, it fights against weeds, which allows you to control the extended area more easily. Despite the size and the amount of product, it doesn´t lack any of the best features of centipede grass.

5. Pennington Centipede Seed/Mulch

Grass seed and mulch together in one product is like a marriage made in heaven! And this is what this product offers. Also, the fact that is offered by the renowned brand Pennington adds even more value.

As the centipede grass is a slow-growing variety, the mulch adds very needed protection during the time it takes to germinate. It helps to improve the structure of the soil as well as the drainage. In the end, it makes the garden look better and more attractive.   

Key Features

  •  2-in-1 product with seeds and mulch
  • Seeds are coated with Penkoted technology
  • Mulch is Bio-170 Organic
  • It produces a dense lawn
  • It grows well in sunny areas
  • The content of the pack covers up to 2,000 sq. ft
  • It is 99.9% weed-free
  • Excellent traffic and drought tolerance


  • Product dimensions: 3.55 x 7.5 x 16 inches
  • Item weight: 5 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Pennington Seed
  • The product is very simple to use and apply
  • Over time, the resulting grass develops weed resistance
  • It is manufactured in the USA
  • Seeds have to be planted at the exact season to germinate and produce results
  • It only grows under sunny areas

Final Verdict

If your soil and climate conditions are not the best, this product is an excellent option. That is because it includes the much to protect the area. Also, the seeds are coated with Penkoted technology, which guarantees higher protection. It is perfect for your budget and to avoid unnecessary work. 

6. Lawnifi Santee Centipede Grass Seed

 Santee Centipede Grass seed is an advanced and strong centipede grass variety that is counted as the trademark product of  Lawnifi. You’ll get an abundance of improved turfgrass characteristics in it and the seeds maintain the overall turfgrass quality. The Santee centipede has a tendency to grow densely and uniformly. It offers crab apple green color. The robust root of santee allows it to survive in tough conditions. That’s why we call it the best brand of centipede grass seed.

Key Features

  • Massive root system recovers the bald ground rapidly.
  • It is an improved and robust centipede.
  • Tendency of dense growth.
  • High germination rate.
  • It offers both spring green-up and fall color retention.


Covers: 4000-8000 square feet
Season: Spring
Blade Width: 5.5 mm
Manufacturer: Lawnfii

  • Recovers from foot traffic.
  • Once established, low maintenance will be required.
  • Only a 2 pound container covers 8000 square feet.
  • Drought doesn’t affect Lawnfii Santee centipede
  • Seeds are too tiny and difficult to spread

Final verdict

If you are looking for the Best centipede grass seed for overseeding, you can use lawnfii Santee centipede without thinking twice. Only 25 pounds of centipede seeds can cover 100000 square feet of ground. Don’t forget to use gloves while spreading seed, because green coating on seeds may get into your hand.

7.SodPods Centipede Grass Plugs (64-Count) Natural, Affordable Lawn Improvement

If you are looking for the Best centipede grass seed for south Carolina, I would love to suggest you the SodPods centipede grass Plugs. Usually, SodPods come in a tiny lawn-in-pod. The Bethel Farms nurtured every pod with a robust root system and ensured they are ideal for any lawn. The main benefits of the naturally rooted pots are, you don’t need to take care of the establishment of the grass. Also, you guys can use SodPods making creative things like walkways, backyard etc.

Key Features

  • Every pod is nurtured just like we nurture our lawn.
  • It’s a warm season grass and best for south carolina.
  • Vertically it grows slowly and doesn’t require much mowing.
  • It demands 6-8 hours of sunlight every day.
  • Comes with an established root.


Covers: 144 square feet
Season: warm/summer
Count: 64
Manufacturer: Bethel Farms

  • Doesn’t need much fertilization.
  • Pretty affordable.
  • Established roots require less water.
  • Fully grown, easy to istall.
  • Not suitable for winter.

Final Verdict

Now only for your lawn or garden, creative persons can use it for creative purposes. Especially for them, who don’t want to take the hazard of establishing grass on your lawn. I think it is the best possible solution for busy persons.

When Should You Seed Centipede Grass?

Centipede is a warm-season grass. Therefore, it flourishes during warm seasons. Also, the best conditions to seed it is during warm seasons. To seed this grass, the soil must have a temperature that starts at 60 degrees.

Some brands recommend that the temperature starts at 70 degrees. Considering this temperature, the best seasons are the summer and early Spring. When you seed during those seasons

Why to Select Coated Centipede Grass Seed

Sometimes we buy the best price on centipede grass seed.  But they don’t work as we expect. This is why we suggest you buy coated seeds. Yeah they cost a little bit more, but worth it. Also the coated seed offers increased germination so that you’ll need less seeds to spread the lawn.

Moisture Wicking

Coated seeds create a natural capillary action. As a result moisture gets away from the surrounding soil.

Area of Contact

As coated seeds have coats on the seeds, that is why their size is a bit larger than normal seeds. That’s why coated seed gets in contact with more soil. Change of seed establishment is higher for coated seeds.

Weight of the Seeds

Coated seeds are heavier, that’s why wherever you put coated seeds, they will penetrate through the soil and will establish there. But uncoated seeds can stay above the soil and chance of spreading is high.

How to plant centipede grass seed

If you are planting a new centipede grass seed, follow the next steps:

  • Select the type of centipede grass for your area/zone
  • Till the area where you want to plant the seeds
  • Spread the seeds. You can do it by hand or using a spreader
  • Water the area according to the instructions of the manufacturer
  • Wait some weeks to start adding fertilizers

If you are reseeding, follow the same steps except for the tilling step.

centipede grass
Centipede Grass

Buying Guide

When you opt for buying centipede grass seeds, you must take into consideration some aspects. This is a great opportunity to evaluate the conditions and location of your land. That is because many centipede seeds are enhanced to develop some extra features.

As a result, you can find that you can seed centipede grass in some places that traditionally were not a good choice for it. Check below the most important aspect you should check.

Cold Tolerance

Centipede is a warm-season grass, and it doesn´t tolerate freezing easily. To counteract this problem, some manufacturers are adding coatings that offer additional resistance. This is especially vital if you live in the Southern area that is closer to the North. Otherwise, you take the risk of losing your seed during that period.

Soil requirements

Although centipede seeds respond well to poor soils, other features determine the viability of the soil to receive this grass. Among them, Centipede grows and develops better in low PH soils,


This variety of grass mixes really well with many types of grasses. A blend is helpful when you want to keep the green of your lawn during the entire year. To do so, you need to mix it with cool-season grasses like Bermuda or similar.

Content of the Pack / Coverage

Manufacturers have their own recommendations regarding the number of seeds you need to plant. However, the process remains similar from one brand to another, and the standard is about 1,000 sq. ft per every 1 lb.

Sun and Shade

Initially, centipede grass grows better under the sun. However, some seeds are also tolerant of shade. In this sense, check the label of the product if you have a space that is mixed with shaded areas to make sure you can seed centipede there and succeed.

Traffic Tolerance

Overall, centipede grass has good tolerance to traffic that includes children and pets. And, some seeds enhance even more such tolerance. Therefore, if you plan to use the space for parties, events, gatherings, and other similar activities, then you should check one of those seeds that offer higher tolerance.

seed centipede grass


Q – Does centipede grass reseed itself?

A – Yes, it may reseed itself. When it grows enough, it can produce racemes that also produce seeds. Then, they drop from the grass and can disperse to the surrounding areas.

Q – What grasses can I mix with centipede grass?

A – You can mix Centipede with both warm and cool-season grass. If you want coverage during the cool-season, then opt for a warm-season grass that can flourish during these months while Centipede rests.

Q – How long does it take the centipede grass to grow?

A – It starts germinating in about 14-21 days. However, to obtain full coverage, it might take 1 year or more. These times may vary according to the climate, the rain, and the temperature of the soil. 

Q- How long does it take Scotts centipede grass to grow?

A- if you use scott centipede grass seed and mulch, it will take 10-28 days to grow grass. But for the establishment, you have to wait almost 2 months.

Care You Should Take for Centipede Lawn

It is not only about the best centipede grass seed but more about the after seeding care you should take.  Moreover, you should know the best time plant centipede grass seed. You have to schedule a month-by-month task. My suggestion is to spread the seeds during spring. Also centipede grass seeds include natural mulch that encourages germination.

Now you should mow the centipede grass lawns as much as they need to maintain the recommended height of maximum 2 inches. Furthermore, centipede grass is too much sensitive to weed and feed products. Don’t forget to check the labels before applying.

You guys already know that established centipede grass doesn’t require much fertilization. So don’t forget to follow the recommended soil test and feed your grass properly. Be careful, over-fertilization can cause lawn disease. Water your centipede grass lawn before the solid dry up completely.

The Southern U.S has acidic soil problems and for them, centipede grass is the best option. Because it needs low maintenance

Planting Centipede Grass Seed

Final Words

The best centipede grass seed will offer you an amazingly lush and green lawn. And somehow that might be considered priceless. When you select the proper centipede grass for your soil, you have the chance to add the advanced features that benefit your lawn in the long run. Although it is a warm-season grass, it still combines well with other varieties that will let it rest during cold seasons.

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