Goats are hard to control animals and need fences to keep them in place. If they run away, they get in risk to be harmed or lost. That is why fences are an essential part of their life. But long are those days when goats were only located on farms because some urban people rise them at home too. So, the best fence for goats should not only be functional to contain animals but elegant and well-designed too. Here is a list that contains goat fences that cover all the requirements to be great choices of goat fence.

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Powerfields P-89-W Electric 40´´ Poultry / Goat Fence-Netting is fairly a premium wire fence for goats because it has all the necessary elements to keep them at bay while protecting them from potential predators. Besides, it includes its posts, and install netting kit with a helpful manual and a repair kit to fix breaks. Its 15 round PVC line posts cover the entire length of 164´ of the Fence. Also, these posts are easy to install and move, so you can easily adjust the tension and position of the entire Fence.

Optional Electric Fence

You have the option to turn this fence into an electric goat fencing. If you choose to add electricity, you would need to install an energizer with a power of 0.25 joules or higher. In such a case, make sure you keep the area clean enough from weed to avoid risky contact with the fence. Also, keep in mind that adding electricity is a very effective strategy to keep predators away from your goats.

Measures and Technical Specifications

The whole fence measures 40´´ x 164´´, and the posts are supposed to be fitted every 12.5´. In addition, its design is with vertical and horizontal strings which are spaced enough to avoid goats to take their head out of the fence.

Also, predators like foxes or coyotes won´t have it easy with this size of strings when combined with electricity. The installation kit includes all the necessary elements to allow you to install it in about 15-20 minutes. It includes 15 round PVC posts, 19 corner stakes, 12 horizontal stands, and 2 tie-down cords. It uses a battery or solar-operated charger, and the energizer can be 100 volt or 0.25 joules.


  • Made in the USA
  • It is easy to repair it by using the included repair kit
  • An installation manual is included, and the installation process might take only 15-20 minutes
  • Besides goats, it can also contain other animals such as chickens, family pets, or turkeys, among others


  • The energizer is not included
This original fence netting goes electric too. What makes so good is that its material makes it lighter and easier to assemble and disassemble when you compare it with traditional wire fences. Besides, it includes vertical struts that are already set to create regular distances between each wire.

You don´t have to work harder and can do it yourself because it can be ready and installed in just 15 minutes! Furthermore, it doesn´t matter the size of your farm because you can connect several rolls of fence netting until covering the area you need. So, if you have different species like sheep and other livestock, it is easy to create one area for them all. Also, the netting material makes it more difficult to goats and other animals to jump or slip through the fence.

Measures and Technical Specifications

You can buy this fence netting in 2 different sizes, 35 inches x 164 feet or 42 inches x 164 feet. Its color is green, and posts are made of fiberglass. The energizer must be selected according to the size of the fence and the area you pretend to cover.


  • Its bright color makes it very visible for goats and predators alike
  • Very easy to install


  • Not recommended to contain chickens
If you have a big concern about the visibility, this is an ideal fence for you. This type of concern is commonly aimed at animals and people who circulate around the area. And, with this bright yellow color, you can get peace of mind about it. Since it is an electric net, you diminish the risks of goats jumping out or intruders getting in trying to attack the animals.

Measures and Technical Specifications

The strands are spaced in different measures. It means that horizontals are spaced by 6, 4, and 8 inches, each depending on the height. On the other hand, vertical strings are all separated by 6 inches. Despite being a net fence, the upper 8 horizontal strands have stainless steel conductor mixed with the polyethylene.

The installation is extremely easy because the PVC posts are already attached to the netting every 10 inches. Those posts also have a steel spike that allows them to get inserted effortlessly even in dry soils. Finally, the recommended energizer should be 0.25 Jules per each roll of this net.


  • Horizontal and vertical strips are connected through molded plastic non-slip beads
  • You can use solar energizers to electrify the fence


  • The energizer can be only low or wide impedance intermittent pulse
  • The distance of the strands might allow smaller goats to get their head out of the fence
Although this electric fence might look like many others in the market, it stands out because it was able to increase its conductivity. It did it by using a tinned copper conductor instead of the traditional stainless-steel conductor. The advantages of this type of conductivity allow that several rolls of the fence get connected and electrified more efficiently. Despite you still need 0.25 joule of energy, there are a lot fewer probabilities that the fence loses energy. In addition, it is strong enough to handle the strength of any goat and the goat fence height doesn´t allow them to jump easily. So, goat testers won´t pass it!

Measures and Technical Specifications

This fence measures 164 feet and 42´´ inches and is designed with 10 horizontal twines. It includes plastic vertical struts that are easier to install and remove. The white and black colors offer a high level of contrast that promotes visibility. Moreover, it allows you to connect several rolls of the net to increase the capacity. Its PVC posts are already embedded into the mesh with a distance of 12.5´ and spikes are double with a measure of 6´´. It only works well with low or wide impedance intermittent pulse and you can use solar energizers.


  • The bottom horizontal and vertical strands don´t get electrified, so it offers less risk of getting affected for touching vegetation or weeds.
  • It only has 3 ohms of resistance


  • Additional support post for corners and ends are not included
  • It doesn´t contain poultry
This fence is suited not only for goats but for sheep, pigs, cattle, and pigs. Also, it can repeal dogs, foxes, coyotes, and even bears! What is really important is that you keep it energized. The intervals of the PVC pre-fitted posts is 13.5´. It makes it a better choice for wider spaces. Its bright yellow color keeps humans and animals well informed about its presence and can be an excellent choice for shaded areas.

Measures and Technical Specifications

It measures 42´´ tall x 164 feet long, and the PVC posts are pre-fitted into the net and have to steal spike at the bottom. To energize it, you need at least 0.25 joules provided by low or wide impedance intermittent pulse energizers. From the very beginning, your goats will feel the power of the fence, and the most stubborn will not try to scape. Either goats and intruders end respecting it.


  • PVC posts are included
  • Its top horizontal strands have stainless steel conductor


  • It need additional support posts for corners and ends that are not included
You can be confident that you can reduce fence sagging to the minimum because the struts of this fence are spaced 12´´. Its wiring pattern is small enough to keep the whole body of the goats easily away of the fence. Also, 8 out of 9 horizontal strands fully electrified guarantee the return back of the most stubborn goat species.

The last horizontal strand at the bottom is left without electricity to avoid fence grounding. As a result, your maintenance to reduce grass and weed can be reduced to the minimum because a little extra growing of them will not affect your fence and its electricity.

Measures and Technical Specifications

It measures 164 feet long and 35 inches tall, which is quite enough to discourage the most energetic goats from jumping over the fence. Although the PVC posts measure 51 inches of diameter and have only a 6´´ single metal spike, they are strong enough to be inserted into the ground. Also, it is low resistance, only 38 ohms, which is perfect to keep it working successfully despite its length and the fact of being close to herbs.


  • It has low resistance with 38 ohms only
  • When properly installed and energized, it can dissuade sheep and goats from jumping out and coyotes, foxes, and other animals to jump in.


  • It only has single spikes
  • The white color might not offer as much visibility as other colors do
It seems that this fence combines net, the proper highness of 35´´, and a bright orange color that makes it noticeable even under extreme conditions. Moreover, it includes Fiberglass posts designed with double-spiked stakes. They make that the fence gets stuck into the soil. All these features make it an excellent choice for either rural and urban spaces. 

Its vertical strands are spaced every 8.5 inches, which is enough to avoid that goats or sheep find space to get their head or body through the fence. At the same time, it can repel coyotes, raccoons, skunks, and other small intruders.


  • The bright orange color allows full visibility in the most extreme situations
  • The double-spiked stakes make it extremely safe to install


  • The energizer is not included
This is a portable goat fencing, and either rotational grazing and temporary pastures have the perfect ally with it. Besides, goats are also the perfect candidates to be contained with it. This portability is reinforced with its shiny and mixed colors in black and yellow that provides maximum visibility. In addition, its material is UV stabilized polymer that may last for life! When it is not in use, it is very practical because it doesn´t occupy too much space.

Measures and Technical Specifications

This fence measures 1312 feet long, and it is possible to use it over and over again. Besides poly ware, it also includes 6 stainless-steel strands that have electrical conductors. Part of its portability comes from its lightweight.


  • It doesn´t rust
  • It is easy to handle it to install it, repair it, and rewind it
  • When folded, it occupies little space


  • It has to be used along with a permanent fence because it doesn´t work under high tension

Install Process Electric Fence


Goats are delicious creatures but love escaping. To do so, they test all the ways to get out, and when having fenced in front of them, they become a sort of magician. Besides, when they are on farms, wild animals want to hunt them. These are some of the reasons why the best goat fences must have exceptional quality. To make sure you obtain such quality, you should follow a conscious guide as follows.


When considering the measures, the most important aspect is the height of the fence. That is because goats can jump really high. Fortunately, most of the fabricants are fully aware of it and manufacture fences tall enough. Regarding the long, it will depend on your farm, but they tend to be wide enough too. Besides that, the space between horizontal and vertical strands is crucial and it shouldn´t allow goats to take their heads. Since there are different species of goats, make sure you pick the right one according to your goats.


This is a very important issue not only for the goats but for humans too. Firstly, some animals might have some distortions to detect the colors. They may include goats and intruders such as foxes, among others. Secondly, humans are frequently around the fence, and it might occur at any time. Therefore, both should have full visibility of the fence to avoid accidents. In this sense, goat fences with bright colors are a better choice. If you go for one made in steel or any other metal, you can add some wires in bright color in strategic points to increase their visibility.

Fences for Goats

It might sound a little redundant, but yes, you do need to make sure that your goat fence is for goats! They might be to protect other animals too but its technical specifications should specifically name them. Remember that goats are very peculiar, and their fences should be that way too.

Electric Fences

There is no doubt that electric fences are the best alternative for goats. However, you must take care of taking all the necessary measures to keep it working. It starts with the right energizer and batteries. Also, provide proper maintenance to the fence and to the area. Remember that electric fences should not have too much vegetation around and control the moist.

Metal or Net?

Although metal might look more resistant, net fences are a great choice too. However, if you go for netting, make sure it is a resistant material with the highest quality.  Also, some net fences are mixed with metal when they are electric, and that would be the best alternative for netting.

Spaced wires

Goats will do whatever they can do to scape. It includes jumping and using their horns to break the fence and pass through it. To improve your chances to keep them safe, the distance between horizontal and vertical lines should as short as possible. Also, it helps to keep predators away because they can´t trespass the fence to attack the goats.

In short, finding the best fence for goats should not be complicated. All you need to consider is the special nature of goats that make them try to escape on any coast. When you understand that, you will improve your chances of finding the best goat fences for them.

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