10 Best Fertilizer For Bermuda Grass In 2022

Fertilizer For Bermuda Grass

Last Updated on June 5, 2022

Choosing the type of grass for your lawn is a very important decision. But if you went for Bermuda grass, you surely made a good one. This type of grass is aesthetically perfect for many houses. But also requires the proper maintenance with the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass. Above all, it is with a good fertilizer that you can pull the best of it. With this list, you can determine the best option if you want sensational Bermuda grass all year round.

Top 10 fertilizer for Bermuda Grass-List

Details Reviews Of What is the best Fertilizer For Bermuda Grass

1. The Balanced Choice – Super Juice All-in-One Soluble Supplement Lawn Fertilizer

This fertilizer offers a complete and balanced formula in a dry mix that is easily spread all over your yard. In spite of it, its results are surprisingly fast because you can see the results in about 5-12 days. It means greener and thicker grass, although you hadn´t applied the proper fertilizer in previous months. So, if you just moved into a new house in spring and found sloppy grass or just need to speed the recovery of any yard to play and enjoy, this is the right choice for you.

Balanced formula

This formula is already mixed in a very balanced way. The first advantage is that it saves you time and effort because you don´t have to prepare the mix. Secondly, the manufacturers took care of mixing it in the proper and balanced proportion to assure that your lawn obtains all the nutrients in the fastest and safest way. The results show you it is!

Smart spray 

Its method of application also makes it very effective. When you apply it in spray, the product is distributed evenly all around the lawn in tiny liquid particles that are already dissolved. Unlike the granular method, it doesn´t need additional time or water to dissolve, and the particles penetrate the soil by going straight to its base.

How to use it

Put the dry mix into a container and add water. You can mix it in 14-2-4 proportion when used as a primary fertilizer or 7-1-2 proportion when used as a compliment. It covers one or two full acres. Add it to a hose-end sprayer and distribute it.

  • It comes in a resealable pack that eases the process of preparing it.
  • You can mix it with any amount of water that you want
  • It is pet-friendly
  • It can´t bedelivered to California and South Dakota states
  • The sprayer is not included, and you must buy it separately

2. The Andersons PGF – Best nitrogen fertilizer for bermuda grass

It was created by the manufacturer The Andersons. The package has dimensions of 16.1 x 11.4 x 3.9 inches, with an article weight of 18 pounds of product. It has a mixture of fine fertilizer particles that includes different humates that increase the quality of the lawn. In addition, it contains Nitrogen, which is slow release so you can provide consistent growth with extended feeding.

Fertilizers are often very susceptible to damage from mowers, but this type of fertilizer helps them to absorb it better. PGF Lawn Fertilizer is new to the consumer market for 2021. It has been used by the professional lawn and golf industry for years but is not available for individual owner orders until now.

Excellent Results

You will love this product, and you will be able to see all kinds of results in your grass.

How to use it

One bag will have the capacity to cover around 5,000 square feet. All you have to do is use 3.6 pounds of fertilizer to cover 1,000 square feet. This product includes a label with instructions on how to apply it, but you can put it on the spreader. You should store the fertilizer in a clean and dry place. In addition, you should close the bag with the top down and securing it. It is essential that you only use fresh, dry spreaders. You should not leave any product unused in the spreaders you are using.

Also, it is important that you do not apply near water or in drainage ditches. In case there is heavy rain, you should not use the fertilizer.

  • You will have a healthy and robust herb.
  • In addition, you can have thick grass.
  • It will provide enough vitamins in the grass.
  • Your product will arrive on time in two days.
  • You will have more enormous benefits if you use water.
  • If you apply the product too often, it could burn your lawn.
  • The product could be overpriced.

3. Eco Friendly Fertilizer for Bermuda Grass – The Andersons 7-1-2 Innova Organic Fertilizer

This a real organic fertilizer, and to prove it, it is included in the list of the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) of the USA. This is not casual because all its components are plant-based, which gives it a generous provision of amino acids and organic nitrogen.

Slow Release and Application

The fertilizer is offered inhomogeneous granules that dissolve easily with the first rain or watery. You can´t exceed the amount of application because it doesn´t burn the lawn. Moreover,it provides highly digestible carbon, which nurtures the soils. It is complemented with an organic extended nitrogen release source that makes the slow release to assure the maximum absorption.

How to use it

What you should do is efficiently distribute the organic fertilizer you have purchased, in this case, The Andersons 7-1-2 Innova bermuda Organic Fertilizer. What you can do is use conventional application equipment.

  • It doesn´t contain animal parts, manures,treated sewage or waste products
  • It doesn´t have bad odors
  • It is children and pet-friendly
  • If it is not stored properly after opened, it might get eggs of insects and mites
  • It might take some time to green your lawn.

4. The Bug Fighter – Best Bug Killer For Bermuda Grass

The heat and drought during summer times can stress your lawn. So, this version of Scotts´fertilizer is aimed to help your lawn to improve its capacity to absorb nutrients and water. Such capacity is crucial to make them thrive and survive on that season. Another benefit is that it won´t burn your lawn at all!

Common Bugs Killer

With this fertilizer, you also get protected against common bugs such as army worms, crickets, bugs, grasshoppers, mealybugs, spiders, weevils, ants, chiggers, and sod web worms. In spite of it, it remains pet-friendly. Also you Can use it for ST Augustine Grass.

How to use it

Just use a regular fertilizer applicator and make sure you water the lawn on a daily basis after you spread the fertilizer.

  • It is available in 3 sizes of bags
  • You can buy a combo that includes the spreader
  • It is only suitable for the summer season
  • It is not sold to Pinellas County, Florida

5. Natural Choice for Bermuda Grass – Best organic fertilizer for bermuda grass

This is an organic fertilizer for bermuda grass that acts quickly. As a result, you can obtain green grass-like magic in about 5 days to make your lawn better than ever. Its formula is plant-based and contains all the nutrients that your lawn may need without sacrificing effectiveness. It works toward creating the perfect balance in your soil. And it is suitable for both warm and cool-season kinds of grass.

How to use it

You can achieve this in one step, you must spread the fertilizer evenly in each of the desired areas. After that, you can enjoy the time in your garden.

  • 1 bag covers up to 5,000 sq. feet
  • It doesn´t smell badspreader
  • It doesn´t content manures
  • It doesn´t come with spreader
  • Sometimes it might take more than 5 days to show its results

6. Scotts Southern Turf Builder -Best Lawn Food For Bermuda Grass

It is essential that in order to take care of your lawn, it looks better, and it has many more nutrients, and strong roots, you must provide a fertilizer with regular feedings. In addition, you must cut, and not remove the grass clippings, if you want to have better results combined with the Scotts fertilizer. The dimensions of this product are 20.1 x 4.1 x 13.1 inches. You will not have problems with the shipping weight since it is 28.4. Its manufacturer is Scotts.

Thanks to this product, you will have completely green, beautiful, and spectacular grass for everyone who sees them. In addition, you can have a thick grass thanks to this all-in-one product. You should not wait for a specific season of the year to be able to use this product, you can do it at the time you want, and your lawn needs it. You will love the fully guaranteed results of this product.

It will help you provide more nutrients

With this fertilizer, you can submit your lawn with an even distribution of nutrients with each application you make. It is totally designed and tested so that it can improve the capacity of the lawn. It will be in terms of the absorption of water and nutrients. In addition, it will allow you to strengthen the roots of your grass.

How to use it

All you have to do is use a Scotts Drop Spreaders. The only bad thing is that you must buy it separately, it can be from Amazon, without any problem. But, also, you could take another way that is a little riskier, and it takes experience, do it by hand, but you will not be able to know if you are doing it in the correct method. You better buy a spreader. It is better if you do it between 6 and 10 A.M. because less water is lost to evaporation and more reaches the roots.

  • You will have and build stronger roots.
  • It will help you that the fed lawns will absorb the water.
  • It is specially designed to protect against heat and drought.
  • It will absorb the nutrients in the best way.
  • Battery-operated with exclusive Handy-Lock feature
  • You will need to buy a spreader.
  • It could cause some burns to your lawn if you use more of the needed product.

7.Advanced 16-4-8 Balanced NPK – Best spray fertilizer for bermuda grass

This fertilizer contains products made of a thoroughly recommended quality. It can be used on natural, organic grass, and they will always have the ability to nourish your grass fully. Contain pure and safe liquids. This product, in addition, does not contain any type of strong chemicals, so they will not harm your lawn for any reason.

Thanks to all the products that this fertilizer contains, you can nourish your lawn. The formula to create this fertilizer is Nitrogen, phosphate, and potash, this will provide a greening and growth, but at the same time, it includes nutrients.

You can use it in all kinds of herbs, starting with Saint Augustine, Rye grass, Centipede, Buffalo, among others. This product is produced in the United States by a company that has more than 20 years of experience.

The important point is that the nutrients do not treat the grass that suffers from diseases such as fungi, insect problems, or weed infestation. That is why if your lawn has any of this, you should treat them properly.

If you are a lover of having different types of grass, this could be your opportunity. By using this good fertilizer for bermuda grass, you will have the opportunity to provide your grass the best. This fertilizer is made by a known brand that has been working in this type of product. They have been working during more than 25 years.

How to use it on Bermuda grass

It is effortless to use; it is designed to be quickly applied. Bring a built-in sprayer to be able to use it.

  • The fertilizer contains algae and fish that combine perfectly with macro nutrients.
  • The size of this container is 32 ounces at a reasonable price.
  • All ingredients are of high quality.
  • It does not contain strong chemicals that can harm your lawn.
  • It is created by a company with more than 25 years.
  • According to some comments, it is hard to use.
  • The dispense tend to fail.

8. Scotts Turf Builder- Best weed and feed for bermuda grass

This fertilizer is best weed killer for bermuda grass your lawn until making it very strong. It is possible because it improves its capacity to absorb nutrients and water. So, it is not a provisional solution but a long-lasting method to keep your Bermuda grass in the best shape from the roots up. As a result, it turns lush, thick, and fully green.

Killer Effect

While it is providing nutrients, it simultaneously kills dandelions and other invasive weeds as well as prevents the appearance of crabgrass. As a result, your lawn can look green, healthy, and completely clean.

How to use it

Just open the bag and spread it throughout your lawn. To get better results, wet the lawn to improve its capacity to absorb all the nutrients, and then add the fertilizer. You can use it up to 4 times a year.

  • It is available in 2 sizes
  • When you spread it, it coats very well in the lawn
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • It doesn´t work well if you don´t wet the lawn
  • It is not sold in Pinellas County, Florida
  • Pets should stay away while the lawn is still damp

9. Superior Nitrogen & Potash 15-0-15 NPK- Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer

The human body needs nutrients, but also the grass needs all kinds of vitamins and nutrients that are essential to living. This type of nutrients will help you maintain the health of your lawn.

This type of fertilizer is made for wet grass without phosphorous; it contains Nitrogen, and potash that will provide different nutrients that are key to growth. In addition, they will promote a healthy and robust lawn. Thanks to the 10% sulfur that this fertilizer contains, it helps the grass to resist diseases and chlorophyll formation.

It also contains humic and fulvic acid. This helps and increases the transfer of fertilizers. Also, it will help absorb nutrients more efficiently; this will help plants grow much faster and stimulate organic matter.

The included ingredients are of high quality that helps to nourish each of your plants and grass.

This fertilizer has the ability to cover up to 12,800 square feet. Every time you need to use it, you only have to fill the spray bottle with the product. Furthermore, this nutritional fertilizer is bioactive and phosphate-free. In addition, it is known as a premium dietary supplement, which has an economical size of one gallon. Also, it improves the ecological and growth proposals.

How to use it

What you will have to do is fill the spray bottle 15-0-15. Also, you can use it with a pump or a sprinkler that you have on hand, but that is a hose. You will have the possibility to apply it once a month, or it depends on what is necessary for your lawn and any problem it may have.

  • It is a grass nutrient that does not contain phosphate.
  • It helps and improves resistance to heat and cold.
  • It encourages and helps create a better chain of health, creates resistance, and helps the growth of the lawn.
  • This product is ideal for sandy soils.
  • A company in the United States manufactures it.
  • It does not contain any type of aggressive product, which is why it is ideal for all types of grass.
  • The product may leak a little with each use.
  • The instructions that come with the product are not completely complete; they are vague.

10. Bio Advanced 704100B -Best liquid fertilizer for bermuda grass

This is another amazing fertilizer for bermuda grass that will help your grass. You will not regret trying this product; It will eliminate any weeds in your garden, without absolutely damaging your lawn. Thanks to the fact that this product selectively kills Bermuda grass weeds, it will allow your yard to bloom much more beautifully. You must take into account that it cannot be used on St. Augustine grass, Centipede grass, or any Zoysia grass. But you will be able to obliterate weeds.

You will not need expensive treatments that apart require much more time. The manufacturer is Bayer and is capable of giving you 32 ounces that will be ready to spray on your lawn. In addition, you can use this in cold season grasses such as fescue, rye, among others. A quarter of this product will be able to cover around 5,000 square feet.

You will have the ability to use around ornamental plants, trees, or plants to control bermuda grass. Besides that, it is resistant to rain.

Kills Common Lawn Weeds

Something important to mention, and that we are sure you will find interesting, is that this fertilizer is capable of killing weeds that are common in the lawns of each house, parks, among others. Some of the herbs it tends to kill are Bermuda grass, Crabgrass, Foxtail, Sandbur, Japanese stiltgrass, and other listed weeds.

How to use it

The correct way to apply this fertilizer that will help your lawn is as follows. First, you should not mow the lawn for 24 hours after spraying. In a given case that the grass is dry, you should water for 1 or 2 days before. Also, you should water it within one day after using this product. One tip is that you should not allow any person or pet to enter the treated area until the time the spray has dried. You see, it will be so easily to spread it in all your grass.

  • The presentation of this fertilizer is wonderful.
  • The product is easy to use.
  • It is capable of killing Bermuda, which is a fairly strong infection.
  • You have a good long-term job.
  • Control all kinds of pests
  • The application can be a little unpredictable.
  • The product is expensive.

What Causes Brown Spots in Bermuda

We always look for the best fertilizer for bermuda grass seed but do you guys know why the fertilizers are needed? Fertilizer for bermuda grass is needed as the brown spots on bermuda grass is a common scenario there.

Question arises what causes the brown spots on bermuda grass. Dog’s urine, grub worms or any kind of fungus causes disease like brown spots. Even sometimes if we apply fertilizer in an uneven manner, it may cause brown spots. No matter what the cause, follow the bermuda grass calendar and apply the best fertilizers we’ll talk about here.

For your information, overwatering the grass and too much thatch cause soil level build up as well as nitrogen buildup which ultimately lead toward brown spots on the bermuda grass. To know how to make bermuda grass thicker you must follow the bermuda grass fertilizer schedule, otherwise grass growth won’t satisfy you.

bermuda grass

How To Apply Fertilizer To The Lawn?


Considering all the options that you find in the market to buy fertilizers, it is convenient to have some criteria to choose from them. Lucky for you, there are many formulas, prices, and presentations that guarantee you can find the right product for your Bermuda grass. This guide is intended to provide some criteria to choose among all the brands and formulas available in the market.

Organic or Traditional?

Nowadays, this is a very common question when it comes to fertilizer for bermudagrass. When choosing about these 2 options, you must always check the quality of organics versions. Many times, people think that just for being organic it guarantees the best results. But organic formulas may vary because they contain different natural ingredients. On the other hand, traditional fertilizers usually contain chemical elements that may harm not only your lawn but yourself. Considering these 2 options, organic fertilizers might seem the best choice. However, some dual versions may work perfectly well too.

Seasons of the year

Every season of the year has its own ways to affect the soil and the grass. Some brands already understood that and launched many fertilizers suited for each season. You can take advantage of it but consider that it might increase your budget. Due to the popularity of this type of grass, it is common that many states have a calendar for planting and fertilizing it. For instance, you can find Bermuda grass calendar Texas or for Florida, among others.

On the contrary, some fertilizers can fit perfectly well for the whole year. If you are limited with your budget, perhaps this is the best choice for you. Also, take into consideration that some areas don´t have extreme variations of weather and might not need seasoned fertilizers.

bermuda lawn

Spray or Granular

Sprays offer numerous advantages. Firstly, they can penetrate the grass faster than granular. Besides, they can penetrate either leaf and roots. That makes them very effective. However, granular options might contain strong nutrients for your grass. The ideal is to combine them both because the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass may come in any of those presentations. However, if you only have the budget for one of them, the spray version might seem the best choice.

Common Weeds in Bermuda Grass Lawns

Bermuda grass is the most common type of grass used in lawns, both for home lawns and sports fields. The bermudagrass belongs to a family of plants called “Cynodon Dactylon” which are found throughout the tropics. Common bermudagrass like Cynodon dactylon is sometimes referred to as “lazy man’s grass” because it requires less mowing than other lawn grasses. These turfgrasses are not typically bothered by most herbicides, including 2,4-D. Bermudagrass will only be killed by a product containing bensulide (the active ingredient of “Tenacity”), bromoxynil (the active ingredient of “Buctril”), or dicamba (the active ingredient of “Banvel”). It is most commonly used in lawns. It is a great choice for this type of application because bermuda grass is an economical and low-maintenance option. It needs less mowing than many other types of grasses, and if cared for properly bermuda can last about 15 years before requiring a full replacement of the lawn.


What is the best fertilizer for bermuda grass in summer?

It is not only about fertilizing your lawn this summer. Fertilizer works as an ingredient to speed the growth of the grass and make it healthy. But first you must ensure the grass is getting the basic needs like mowing, then you can use 10-10-10 fertilizer good for bermuda grass or 4-2-1 fertilizer according to your convenience. Finally don’t forget to apply pre and post emergent for herbicides and weeds.

When should I fertilize Bermuda grass?

Experts recommend applying fertilizer approximately every 3 to 4 weeks during the growing season- with a concentration of 10 – 20 lbs. of potassium, 10 – 20 lbs. of nitrogen, 2 – 5 lbs. of phosphorous per 1000 square feet area of bermuda grass. Lawn fertilizers are typically applied in the early morning or late evening so as not to disturb sensitive Bermuda grass plants during their most active growth periods.

How do you fertilize Bermuda grass?

When it comes to fertilizing your Bermuda Grass, a little goes a long way. If you have a small lawn, the best way to fertilize is with a water-soluble fertilizer. You can also use granular types of fertilizer if you have larger areas of turf grass. For smaller lawns, spread 1-2 pounds per 1000 square feet and then add that amount in every three weeks (about 2 pounds per 1000 square feet).

How can I make Bermuda grass spread faster?

Bermuda grass can be a beautiful addition to your yard, but it may take some time for the grass to spread out and fill up a larger space. Bermuda grass needs a lot of fertilizer and nutrients in order to grow more quickly. The best way to speed up the growth of the grass is to use a high quality fertilizer that is specifically designed for Bermuda grass.

Can you over fertilize Bermuda?

In order to have a lush, green lawn year-round, it is important to fertilize regularly. However, it is possible to over fertilize Bermuda grass and end up with a brown lawn. Therefore, it is important to know the signs of too much fertilizer and how to avoid over-fertilizing Bermuda grass. The most common sign of over-fertilizing Bermuda Grass is dark patches of grass around the sprinkler system.

Do I fertilize before or after rain?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to fertilizing Bermuda Grass. One is to apply fertilizer before rain, and the other is to wait until after the rain. The argument for both sides deals with what fertilizers do for Bermuda Grass. Organic fertilizers can create a “feedback loop” by feeding nutrients back into the soil, which leads to needing less fertilizer over time.

Is sand good for Bermuda grass?

Sand is not good for Bermuda grass because it does not contain any nutrients that are needed to help the grass grow. However, if the sand is mixed with other fertilizers, it may be considered a better choice. The benefits of using sand as a soil amendment are that they are very inexpensive and easy to find. But you should know that there is nothing in the sand itself to prevent weeds from growing.

What soil is best for Bermuda grass?

Bermuda grass is a low maintenance lawns grass with lush, green blades. If you are considering planting bermuda grass in your yard, you may be wondering what type of soil will produce the best results for this type of grass. The soil which Bermuda Grass thrives in is commonly referred to as “warm season turf”. Typically this turf requires infrequent watering and thrives most in humid climates.

Can you overwater Bermuda grass?

Bermuda grass is a hearty perennial that thrives in hot, dry climates. It’s often used for its low maintenance qualities and can be planted all year round. So, should you overwater it? Well, the answer is no – but only to a certain extent. Bermuda grass has a deep root system and should not be over watered as this will cause the roots to rot and the lawn will die.

Final Note

Bermuda grass is the common type of grass and the most resilient grasses. Because it is tolerant of warm weather and drought. This grass can withstand the heavy traffic. Overall I guess if you are a busy man, rarely get time to take care of your lawn but want a tidy lawn then bermuda grass is the best option for you. Only a single time application of fertilizers in months will provide you the dark green lawn you desire.

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