Your garden is what is visible to everyone. A garden full of grass is a dream for most people. In order to do this, extra help could make it grow big and healthy. The best fertilizer for grass in summer is what can give life to your lawn. When you find a high-quality fertilizer, the appearance of your garden will improve dramatically. Your soil and healthy grass production will be an easy step with one of these fertilizers.

In the market, generally, there are many options, and they are not always of high quality. At this time, we bring you a list of the best products for your lawn to be healthy and for everyone to love how it looks in your home, workplace, and wherever. People always notice the quality of the grass. So it would be best if you made a great first impression.

Why use fertilizer?

A healthy and vigorous lawn cannot always happen on its own. That is why we must provide the necessary nutrients to make it grow. If your grass looks yellowish, does not improve, or is overgrown, it may not be heavily fertilized. Fertilizers generally provide three primary nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

Top 10 fertilizer for grass in summer (Bestseller)

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The market is full of low-quality products that are too expensive. We have given ourselves the task of searching among a large number of products, the best for your lawn to grow beautiful. All these products on the list have been tested so that you can choose them without any fear. Let’s start with the count.

1: The new and advanced 16-4-8 Liquid Fertilizer - 32 Ounce by Simple Lawn Solutions

This fertilizer is an essential and perfect combination for your garden. All your lawn will be grateful for the nutrients that will be provided. This is a liquid fertilizer that includes algae and species for a better supply of nutrients. Besides, its ingredients are of high quality and with a reasonably high food grade.

The main reason for this fertilizer is to 100% nourish your lawn and provide a healthy appearance. It is easy to use fertilizer. You will only need a sprayer to apply it in the easiest and fastest way. It contains the three essential nutrients in fertilizer; nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium.

Your lawn will have a maximum greening and growth in record time. Your roots, the grass, and your garden will be receiving nutrients necessary for their health. Also use it for Centipede Lawn Grow


  • Manufacturer: Simple Lawn Solutions
  • Size: 32 ounce
  • The item weight is 3 pounds


  • It is a premium fertilizer
  • It is 16-4-8 Balanced fertilizer
  • It has Potassium, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus
  • It contains fish and seaweed to improve the nutrients.
  • Made in the USA


  • This is a fertilizer easy to spread and easy to use.
  • The design is excellent for every type of grass.
  • Guaranteed and fast results


  • Sometimes the instructions can be confusing.


This product for your lawn will give you the perfect care for your garden. You must carry out a soil test for any problem. However, this product is designed for any type of grass. Your garden will be spectacular comparing with your neighbor’s garden. You will see the difference in using this product.

2: The fantastic Extreme Natural Liquid fertilizer by Simple Lawn Solutions

This fertilizer is essential for vertical and lateral growth. It is a product made and produced in the United States. This company is familiar, but its products are of high quality. They have experience of around 25 years in the industry; you can totally trust them.

Also, it has a formula of humic and fulvic acid that helps the appearance of your lawn. In addition, its method has nitrogen and phosphorous to help it overgrow and green. Besides, it includes a hose sprayer so you can use it quickly.

When your lawn is deficient in nutrients, this fertilizer is of very high quality. You will have a vigorous lawn, and the repair of the lawn will be quick and easy. In addition, you can use it on any type of grass. You can use it in Kentucky Bluegrass, San Agustin, among others.


  • Manufacturer: Simple Lawn Solutions
  • Its size is 32 oz.
  • It includes sprayer


  • Helps germinate seeds
  • Provides noticeable growth
  • Helps by improving elongation
  • Provides cell division
  • It will help increase the production of chlorophyll


  • It is a product that helps to promote growth highly
  • Increases the outputs of natural enzyme activities
  • It has high-quality ingredients and range


  • Shipping may not go as far as you are.


This is a product designed for all kinds of herbs. You should not worry about the type of grass you have. Includes a sprayer, so you do not have to invest more in the growth of your lawn. Besides, it can cover 3,200 square feet.

3: The Grass Fertilizer of 12.5 lb. by Scotts

Our third product is from Scotts. This fertilizer has a perfect formula to help with nutrients to your lawn. You can feed and provide the necessary strength. Also, its formula helps protect against any future problems of weakness or growth.

In addition, it is a product with all-in-one technology. Scotts has a long history and always gives you the best in quality. This all-in-one formula will help you avoid the aging of your lawn. Also, it will help you to green your lawn uniformly.

You will have a live and healthy lawn. Moreover, it will be the most striking of your block. It guarantees a healthy lawn and will not burn it at all.


  • Manufacturer: Scotts
  • Its size is 5,000 sq. Ft.
  • Item Weight 12.6 pounds


  • Helps your lawn absorb nutrients
  • Make your grass grow
  • reaches the roots of your grass
  • Does not burn grass
  • Helps withstand weather and weeds


  • You can use this fertilizer in any season.
  • Build strong roots that handle the weather and stress from any activity
  • It will make a fed grass, which better absorbs all the nutrients.


  • If you use a lot of product, it can burn your lawn.


This fertilizer will give you the grass you have always wanted. Besides, it helps your lawn to absorb water better. This makes your lawn absorb nutrients in a much faster way. For your lawn to get better nutrients, it must be between 6 and 10 AM.

4: The 0636 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer of 32-Pound by Milorganite

You can use Milorganite fertilizer for years, and your grass will always look shiny. You can keep away all the weeds in your garden. Moreover, it has extensive experience in the fertilizer industry, so it works.

It will be enough to spray a little on your lawn to have it shiny and big. This formula is designed for you to use, depending on the provider’s instructions. But usually, every four months or less will be a good option.

This Milorganite, you can use it even in plants. A bag of this product will do wonders for your lawn. You will not have to spend a lot of money trying to fix or better your lawn. The quality of your lawn will improve markedly.


  • Manufacturer: Milorganite
  • Its size comes with 36 lb.


  • They have an organic composition to provide health.
  • Help them not need irrigation
  • It offers you guaranteed results in less than a month
  • Help your lawn to green.
  • Its formula helps reduce cutting time.


  • It is possible to use it on golf courses.
  • This fertilizer helps keep weeds and insects away.
  • You can use it for plants.


  • It does not work using it at night.


The price is a little high. But you will not regret this product. It will help the growth of your lawn and give life to your garden. This product is much cheaper than others on the market and much more efficient. This fertilizer has an odor that lasts for about 2-3 days, but it is not too strong.

5: The new Green Max Lawn Fertilizer by Scotts

This product number five is the product of the year. Only three days will suffice for a lawn full of life. You will have visibly healthy grass, with intense green color.

It has a double-action formula called 2-in-1. This is to provide all the iron supplements that your lawn needs. Also, this fertilizer does not stain your grass at all.

For a better integration in your lawn, you should use it in spring months, but also in summer. Also, be assured to read each of the indications that this fertilizer provides for better absorption.

It is a recommended product for any type of grass. Scotts is 100% dedicated to the care of every garden. Therefore, you will love the green of your garden and the strength it will receive.


  • It covers 10,000 sq. Ft.
  • Item Weight    1 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Scotts


  • It has a double-action formula
  • Contains 5.17% iron for the lawn
  • It does not stain your grass at all
  • You will have a lawn with more deep greening
  • Absorbs water more effectively.


  • You will have the results you expect for three days.
  • It provides precise instructions for the best results.
  • You can use it at any time of the year.


  • You should read the instructions well before use.


With its formula of 5.17% iron for the lawn, it can provide you with everything you need for your garden. You will have to take much less care of your garden because your fertilizer will do it for you. You will not have any complications to enter the lawn with your fertilizer on it.

6: The PGF Complete 16-4-8 Fertilizer by The Andersons

Our last fertilizer is the best option to have a green lawn. This product is designed based on hard research. It will provide your lawn with all the necessary nutrients to have the best quality grass.

Anderson has been developing this type of high-quality fertilizer. It is an all-in-one product to take to the homes of average homeowners. The quality you will get is magnificent.

An 18-pound bag could cover about 5,000 square feet of grass. Besides, you must use it at any season of the year. You will always have the same results.

You can apply it every 6 to 8 weeks. Thus, your growing season will increase. In summer and in cold seasons, you should use it at a rate of 75 to 50%.


  • Manufacturer: The Andersons
  • It can use it for 5,000 sq.ft.
  • Size: 18 lb.


  • It gives you super fine particles.
  • You will have a better concentration of nitrogen.
  • You can feed it for up to eight weeks.
  • It will help enrich the soil
  • Better process nutrients


  • It gives you twice as many particles per square foot.
  • You will have a more even distribution.
  • The number of particles per foot will apply more.


  • You will not find this product in California and South Dakota


This fertilizer is excellent in size to cover a large area of grass. It has included humic acids and micronutrients that will help your lawn. It has been developed based on doc knowledge together with Andersons, which allows us to have a much higher quality.

Buying Guide: What to look before purchasing

When you go to buy fertilizer, you must take into account certain factors before making a decision. With this guide, you will have an informed buying decision to choose the best fertilizer option for your lawn in the summer.


Nutrients generally have a percentage present, depending on what the bag specifies. If a fertilizer weighs 30 pounds and in your bag stipulates it is 30-10-10, this means that it includes 10 pounds of nitrogen, three pounds of potassium, and three of phosphorus. So you should always read any label that your fertilizer brings.

In addition, you must choose the content of your envelope depending on your needs. If what you are looking for is that your herb grows more, nitrogen is the best option.


The ingredients are essential in the decision. To perform the necessary functions on the lawn, you should look for fertilizers with the right ingredients. The quality and quantity of grass appearing in your new grass will depend on each of the components which the fertilizer uses and has.

They generally have three essential ingredients, and they cannot be missing. These ingredients are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

First, nitrogen makes all of your plants thick, green, and very dense. In addition, it acts against pests as a natural protector. Second, phosphorous will help stimulate root growth. Instead, potassium keeps away the diseases that your lawn can acquire due to the weather.


Generally, there are only two types of fertilizers on the market. You can choose organic or synthetic. Organics constitute organisms that were once alive. These natural solutions are broken down to help release nitrogen to the soil.

An excellent option to use an organic fertilizer is when your soil has no texture or density. You can apply them very quickly with a sprayer.

Instead, synthetics are made by chemical processes. These types of fertilizers have very short-lasting results, but they provide nutrients quickly.


The size is essential before purchasing. By finding the right one, you will buy an adequate quantity. Fertilizers come in different sizes. You can base yourself to choose the necessary amount based on the area of your lawn.

If you do not have the right size, you can decrease the effectiveness and also put inadequate nutrients on your lawn. Therefore, if you include a lot, you will also damage them.


Trace elements are another type of material that you can use to have many more nutrients. But you must bear in mind that you will need too small amounts. If you put too much of this type of product, you could even ruin your lawn.


The form of the fertilizer is essential to know since it can affect your quality. You will have fertilizers in granular and liquid form. These granular fertilizers are extremely popular for their easy use. Besides, they are usually characterized by lasting much longer. This type of fertilizer can be put on the lawn with a spreader very quickly.

Another type is bulk granular fertilizer. These have two types of shape, fast release, and slow release. The slow ones will provide you with nutrients in the soil for periods of between 2 to 6 months. The quick-release one has an almost immediate release of nutrients. These fertilizers are liquid and will help you in a short period. Generally, these are in the form of a concentrated liquid, and then you dilute it in a little water.


Price is something that always concerns us all. Depending on each content, ingredients, formula, among others, this will be the price. Do not think that the content of nutrients and fertilizers can cost you less; on the contrary, they charge you more. You are the owner of the budget you want to invest in.


If you are not an expert on the subject, you could use a little grass so you can see if it is an effective formula or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use fertilizer?

Fertilizers help lawns obtain the necessary nutrients for a better appearance. Also, they help you to have faster growth and much greener. You need these fertilizers to provide everything the lawn alone cannot get.

What benefits will I get from using fertilizer on my lawn?

When you use a suitable fertilizer for your needs, you help to take better care of it in the summer. Besides, one of the most significant benefits is the growth of the grass and also how green it gets. Also, apart from providing you with the necessary nutrients, it will help you avoid insects. You will strengthen the roots of your lawn and look healthy.

Can I trust the effectiveness of fertilizers in this review?

Of course, yes. We have chosen these fertilizers based on the welfare of the grass. Also, we have a variety of fertilizers meeting the needs. It depends on each type of grass and the purpose you are looking for.

How much fertilizer should I use?

Fertilizer applications depend on the species of the lawn. You must first know the grass you have in your home. However, it varies from 2 to 4 pounds of nitrogen/current year per 1,000 square feet. Also, it is generally divided into 3 or 4 applications per year. Also, you should not apply more than one pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet at one time.

What fertilizer should I use for the lawn?

Your fertilizer must have three essential ingredients. The lawn needs nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Nitrogen is the most necessary nutrient, although the excess produces an exaggerated apical growth and various problems.

How can I make the grass green?

You must use fertilizer. This is the most straight forward process. Sometimes, the grass cannot always get the nutrients on its own. That is why you should apply fertilizer to make your grass greener. You can even do it during the summer.

Should I Apply Lawn Fertilizer In The Summer?


Your garden is like lights inside and outside your life, your heart, everything. Seeing a green and full lawn is a joy. With these top 6 best fertilizer for grass in summer, they can help you meet your needs. Droughts, lack of maintenance, among others, are problems that affect too much. That is why you should look for a much easier exhaust outlet. Using fertilizers, you can help your lawn look radiant. With our guide, you can identify a balanced, functional formula, and your lawn will look spectacular.

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