Usually, people are well-informed about having to fertilize the grass to keep it healthy. However, not many are aware of the importance of using the best fertilizer for new grass at the beginning of the process. Hence, this is an excellent chance to get to know some of the best alternatives.

If you are one of the luckiest who knows about this secret to guarantee healthy grass, this info will be very useful. That is because there are special products that are suitable for special soil and grass needs.

The best time to apply fertilizer for new grass

Basically, there are 3 main moments you can apply this type of fertilizer as follows:

  • Before planting the grass seeds, you need to prepare the soil. This is the first time you have to add fertilizer. It penetrates the soil easily, and it is time to attack the roots of the weeds that you don´t see on the surface.
  • Right after planting the seeds, you can add fertilizer to complement the process. It will help the seeds to absorb extra nutrients from the very beginning.
  • After 3 or 4 weeks of seeding. Although it is not the best moment, you still have time to obtain the benefits. Also, if you started to notice some weeds, you can include products that contain and prevent weed killers.

What is the most important nutrient for new grass?

Although different fertilizers include different ratios of nutrients, the essential element continues to be Nitrogen. This element contributes to a greener and more resistant leaf.

However, it is common that most of the fertilizers include the 3 NPK nutrients to provide balance. In case you evaluate your soil and determine that any of them is not necessary, you can opt for a fertilizer that eliminates one of the elements.

Comparison Table Of Fertilizer For New Grass

Details Reviews Fertilizer For New Grass

It is not strange that the brand Scotts competes for the best fertilizer for green grass. And we must recognize that they did a great job with this product. When you follow all the instructions and water the soil in the proper frequency, the success is guaranteed.

In other words, you get thicker grass in quicker times than many other fertilizers offered in the market.Due to its combination of nutrients, this Scotts Turf Starter Food for New Grass can satisfy all the needs of any type of grass. Besides, it promotes growth from within by feeding the deepest roots.

Key Features

  • The fertilizer ratio is 24-25-4
  • It works either for planting new grass or reseeding an old one
  • It is suitable for sod and grass plugs
  • The content of one package covers up to 5,000 sq. ft
  • The fertilizer speeds up the growth in about 35% more than other similar products or unfed grass
  • The grass can get up to 75% ticker than those without fertilizer


Product dimensions: 16 x 12 x 3 inches

Item weight: 15 pounds

Manufacturer: ScotchBlue


  • It is safe for any type of grass
  • The mixture of nutrients contains phosphorus, Nitrogen, and potash
  • It doesn´t stimulate weed growth
  • It helps to maintain a greener appearance of the grass


  • It requires watering at least once a day
  • During the summer might burn the grass if not watered properly

Final Verdict

If you don´t want to risk anything at all, this is the fertilizer you need to choose. It contains all the ingredients that allow it to deliver guaranteed results. However, keep in mind that you need to be sure you can water the grass frequently, especially if you live in warm places.

2. Scotts Turf Builder Food for New Grass Plus Weed Preventer

Adding a starter fertilizer to your backyard or lawn is an extraordinary resource to make sure they grow at their best. And, if you include a product to prevent the weeds, it is even better. That is why this brand developed this Scotts Turf Builder Food for New Grass Plus Weed Preventer.

It is a 2-in-1 fertilizer that nurtures and doesn´t allow the annoying weeds to interrupt the perfect growth of the grass. Hence, weeds won´t be able to establish roots in the soil at the beginning of the seeding. As a result, you can obtain long-lasting results with less effort.

Key Features

  • A 2-in1- a formula that prevents weeds and feeds new grass
  • It works to prevent dandelions and crabgrass
  • Grass grows faster and thicker than lawns or backyards without fertilizer
  • Formulated to work on sod and grass plugs too
  • The package covers up to 10,000 sq. ft


Product dimensions: 23 x 6 x 14.5 inches

Weight: 43.3 pounds

Manufacturer: Scotts


  • It kills weeds without harming new grass
  • If some weeds come up, they die quickly


  • The preventive effect against weeds lasts only 6 months
  • It is not suitable for bentgrass or dichondra lawns

Final Verdict

If your dreamed backyard or lawn doesn´t come up because of the weeds, this is the best fertilizer you can choose. Some lands are more prone to weeds than others, and if you have one of them, this is the right choice. As Scotts sponsor it, the results are guaranteed!

3. Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action

When weeds attack, you have to apply all the resources to get rid of them. And this Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action fertilizer offers all the resources. It doesn´t only prevent but effectively kills weeds and nurtures your healthy grass. The power of this triple formula allows maximum penetration to the roots. This is why it can kill and prevent at the same time.

Key Features

  • A 3-in-1 product that nurtures your grass and kills and prevent weeds
  • The formula is suitable for Northern lawns such as Tall Fescue, Fine Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass, and Kentucky Bluegrass.
  • The content of 1 package covers up to 10,000 sq. ft.
  • It kills visible and hidden weeds, including chickweed, dandelions, clever, and similar broadleaf species.
  • It prevents the growth of fall panicum, annual bluegrass, foxtail, corn speedwell, purslane, oxalis, knotweed, prostrate spurge, barnyard grass, and henbit.
  • This fertilizer is suitable for Bahiagrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Bahiagrass, Tall Fescue, Zoysiagrass, Bermudagrass, and Fine Fescue.


Product dimensions: 24 x 6.8 x 15.5 inches

Item weight: 50.3 pounds

Manufacturer: Scotts


  • The grass gets thicker and greener
  • 01 bag of 50 Lb. covers up to 10,000 sq. ft
  • It can prevent crabgrass for about 4 months
  • It is easy to use and apply


  • It is a little pricier than other fertilizers, but the triple action formula may compensate it.
  • It is only suitable for Northern

Final Verdict

This would be an excellent fertilizer if you didn´t add one for new grass at the beginning of the process. If you didn´t, the chances are that some weeds are already showing up and disturbing the graceful growth of your new grass.

And, since it is preventive, you will avoid the growth of new weeds. Just make sure your type of grass is listed as Northern type because this fertilizer is only suitable for these types.

4. Milorganite Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertilizer

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Milorganite has been around for about 90 years. And the main reason is its effectiveness. Firstly, it is versatile enough to apply it as a starter fertilizer and then to maintain your lawn or backyard. When using it as a starter fertilizer, it results on very convenient due to its high content of Nitrogen.

That component is crucial to make the leaf stronger and greener. Also, this versatility extends to serve as fertilizer not only for grass but for trees, flowers, and shrubs. In other words, you can use it for your entire lawn or backyard.

Key Features

  • It is a slow-release formula that feeds up to 10 entire weeks
  • It helps to reduce mowing due to its slow-release formula
  • The formula contains iron which promotes a long-lasting green appearance
  • It is salt-free
  • It must be applied during the growing season


Product dimensions: 22 x 16 x 4 inches

Item weight: 32 pounds

Manufacturer: Milorganite


  • It is a non-burning formula so you can use it safely
  • It is recommended for areas with water restraint due to its lack of salt
  • It doesn´t require watering-in as the slow release formula that allows strong absorption by the roots
  • It is environmentally friendly


  • The content of 32 Lbs. only covers up to 2,500 sq. ft.

Final Verdict

This is an excellent fertilizer from many points of view. Perhaps the most important feature is its versatility in using it in lawns, trees, and your entire backyard. It will save you efforts to distribute it instead of using one different product for each area. Also, its slow-release formula guarantees long-lasting results. Without a doubt, a good investment and you can use it as a starter and then to maintain your grass.

5. Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer by Simple Lawn Solutions

Besides the innovative way of its liquid presentation, this fertilizer is also an excellent alternative for other reasons. Among them, the most outstanding feature is the high concentration of Nitrogen and Potassium. This makes it a sure way to treat these deficiencies.

Also, it is safe and easy to use, which makes a great selection for family backyards or lawns. With this fertilizer, you can rest assured that your grass will get all the key nutrients to get greener and healthier leaves.

Key Features

  • 15-0-15 NPK ratio that is phosphorus-free
  • The formula includes Humic/Fulvic acid which increases cell transfer and helps to condition the soil
  • The formula only contains high-quality Natural & Organic Food Grade ingredients
  • It is children and pets safe
  • It is suitable for all grass types, including Bermuda grass, St. Augustine, Buffalo, Bluegrass, and Centipede, among others.
  • Suitable for sandy soils


Product dimensions: 5.5 x 3 x 9 inches

Item weight: 3.29 pounds

Manufacturer: UAS of America


  • Made in the USA
  • The formula doesn´t contain harsh chemicals
  • Easy to use and doesn´t require preparation as it comes ready to apply
  • It enhances the growth and the green of the grass as well as resistance to heat and cold
  • It can be used commercially


  • If the formula is applied in excess, it can burn the grass.

Final Verdict

If you are prone to use environmentally friendly products, this would be a great purchase for you. And, of course, you need to be sure that your lawn or backyard is not needing phosphorus. If you cover these two requirements, then it is a perfect choice. Besides, it is perfect if you want an easy to use a product that comes ready to apply by squeezing the container.


Q – Can fertilizers with weed killers also kill my new grass?

A – No, they don´t kill your new grass. That is the innovation of such formulas and the reasons why they are offered.

Q – Can I add fertilizer when preparing the soil and when seeding the soil?

A – It is recommended to apply it only at one of those moments. Otherwise, you might burn your new grass.

Q – Should I fertilize when I overseed?

A – Yes, you should add fertilizer when you overseed. And, you can use fertilizer for new lawn because it would be fresh grass needing nutrients from this type of fertilizer.

How Soon Can You Fertilize New Grass?

Final Words

The best time to apply the best fertilizer for new grass is at the beginning of the process. There is no need to wait until your grass is weak and poor to start fertilizing it. The products mentioned above cover all the possibilities you can find to assure a healthier, greener, and more resistant grass.

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