Fertilizer for St Augustine Grass

7 Best Lawn Fertilizer for St Augustine Grass In 2022

Last Updated on May 8, 2022

When you decide to plant St Augustine grass it implies a certain level of commitment to take care of it too. This commitment starts with selecting the best lawn fertilizer for St Augustine Grass. It is not optional but essential. This type of grass has to cope with climate changes, dryness of the soil, pest, and activities that weaken it.

As there are variations of this grass as well as different problems that may vary according to the location, there are several types of fertilizers. So, these are some of the best options to apply to your lawn.

St Augustine grass
St Augustine grass

Top 7 lawn fertilizer for st Augustine grass -List

What is the best fertilizer for St Augustine grass -Details Review

1. Super Juice Best summer fertilizer for st augustine grass

The new formula of the Super Juice Lawn Fertilizer is created with 4% iron. This fertilizer is the first one containing ALL IN ONE. It is an entirely balanced product,and it has a dry mix design. This is one of the best supplements for grass. Below, we mention one of the most natural application methods. Thanks to this fertilizer, you can see dark green grass all over your lawn. In addition, you will see a growth of 5 to 12 days after the application.

Super Juice is used in two ways; as a primary fertilizer or as a supplement to your current granular program.This fertilizer, as applied by aerosol, the nutrients are absorbed by the filar route. Therefore, they will be able to start incorporating the nutrients between 1-4 hours. Do not wait for weeks to see the results.

How to use

You will not have to use a very complicated method. All you have to do is add water to the dry mix. Also, you will need to use a hose-end sprayer to apply it all over your lawn.

In addition, you must apply Super Juice in a proportion of 14-2-4 to be able to put it entirely on your lawn. Also, most people use half force in a 7-1-2 ratio if they are going to treat two full acres.


By purchasing a Super Juice bag, you can treat ONE ACRE. Also, you will be able to guide you by the following measure: 43,560 square feet of grass with the full concentration rate. That is the amount you can cover with a bag.

  • It is a product created based on a combination of several products.
  • You can easily use it with any dispenser you have at home.
  • Too Much Product Can Ruin Your Lawn

2. Milorganite 0636 Best organic fertilizer for st augustine grass

It is best nitrogen fertilizer for st augustine grass. If you have been trying to find the most natural and organic method on how to make St. Augustine grass thicker, this is the best option. Milorganite is a long-time recognized product in the market and is equally applied at homes and public spaces with excellent results.

Advantages of Milorganite as Organic Fertilizer

Although fertilization processes can be a little confusing for some garden owners, this product simplifies it because contains fair amounts of organic ingredients that will not harm any turf. Certainly, it is safe to use because it doesn´t harm your turf in any way.

One of its main ingredients is the organic nitrogen which is essential to avoid that St Augustine grass´ foliage gets yellow. Other organic nutrients feed the soil instead of feeding only the grass as chemical fertilizers do. It means that soil, all its microorganisms, and the grass are all nurtured and get stronger to resist the heat, droughts, salt, and the cold weather of the Winter.

  • It doesn´t burn the sod no matter if you exceed the amount of fertilizer
  • It is not necessary to water in
  • It is smelly but customers claim that its excellent results make it totally worthy
  • It is a little pricey when comparing it with other fertilizers

3. Green View 2129800 Best spring fertilizer for st augustine grass

From the very first moment that you decide to plant your St. Augustine grass, you can contribute to developing its roots. In this sense, this fertilizer makes them stronger to cope with all the stages of the growing process. It makes it ideal for new lawns zones.

Starter Fertilizer

This GreenView brand fertilizer offers exactly what starters fertilizers must offer. First of all, it has a sufficient concentration of phosphorus which increases the grass’s chances to succeed in the germination process.

Also, it contains immediate release nitrogen for boosting the germination and growing process. In addition, it contains time-released nitrogen to make sure that the grass is constantly being fed for about 8 weeks after planting it which is the crucial time for its development.

  • It also improves the absorption of nutrients
  • It can be applied right before or after seeding
  • Overusing the fertilizer may avoid the growth of the new grass, so it is important to follow the recommendations for this matter

4. Scotts Turf Builder Best weed and feed fertilizer for st augustine grass

This is the best weed and feed for st augustine grass and is aimed to guarantee that your lawn continues to be a source of joy during Spring and Summer Times. Its shows best fertilizer for st augustine grass summer and fall. Then, during the Fall it rests and during the Winter it resists. And these 2 last seasons are the perfect time to feed your grass to make sure it is ready for better times.

Dual Action

What this fertilizer does is to leverage St. Augustine grass´ rest to feed and nurture its roots until making them strong enough to flourish again. Firstly, as you apply it in the Fall, it prepares the roots to cope with the winter and its lack of sun. As a result, it isn´t weakened, no matter how strong the next Winter is.

Secondly, it repairs all the damage that occurs during Spring and Summer, including extreme heat, drought, and constant activity such as plays, parties, and similar. And finally, this fertilizer not only prepare and repair but improves the ability of St Augustine grass to absorb all the nutrients it provides. This is how it guarantees that the grass can get prepared and repaired.

  • It is suitable for any type of grass, including St. Augustine grass and all its variants
  • Dual Actions
  • The sprayer is not included, and you must buy it separately

5.  Scotts Turf Builder st augustine grass Weed Preventer

This is another Top lawn Fertilizer for St Augustine Grass when the soil has problems to drain or absorb water. As those soils are really hard and cracked, roots have a difficult time to take hold.

Advanced Solid Technology (AST)

This technology is responsible for allowing the fertilizer to penetrate hard and clay soils. It doesn´t matter how compact they are because it can break them. Its benefits include allowing water penetration while dissolving quickly and providing uniform coverage. Furthermore, it is easy to apply with the usual equipment to spread fertilizers.

Similarly, this fertilizer also offers Aeration properties that can perforate the soil with tiny holes to allow more water and other nutrients to penetrate deep into the soil. As a result, the roots get fully nurtured until turning them healthy vigorous.

  • Information and instructions on how to use this product are also given in the Spanish language
  • It also works on clay soils and can fill dead spots too
  • It might require to get combined with another fertilizer as a complement

6. Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for st augustine grass

With this Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food For New Grass, you can have a new grass with a thickness of up to 70% thicker. Besides, it will be able to grow 35% faster compared to unplanted grass. With its formula, it makes the new grass obtain a faster growth of the root and the blade. The main advantage of this fertilizer is improving the seed results. In addition, it is an ideal product for grass plugs and the grass entirely. You will not have to worry about using it on any lawn you have.

Benefits you will get

  • You can feed your grass to the new grass take root and grow
  • You will have thicker grass and will grow faster.

Take care of your grass!

When you start planting your new herb, you must water it once a day. But, if necessary, you can do it as many times as required. Then continue watching your grass process to make sure you feed your grass for thick green grass. As a final step, wait to cut the area until the grass is at least three inches tall.

  • It will help you to improve your seeding results.
  • Any type of grass can use it.
  • It is a little pricey when comparing it with other fertilizers

7. Scotts Turf Builder best winter fertilizer for st augustine grass

This is the best granular fertilizer for st Augustine grass. That is due to its potent triple action that kills, prevents, and feeds. So, no matter how damaged is your grass, this fertilizer will take you back the hope to recover it.


This powerful formula is able to kill the annoying fire ants, mole crickets, sod webworms, fleas, armyworms, and ticks that might invade your grass. Despite avoiding your grass from weakening, killing those insects also allow you to enjoy outdoor activities safely.  But it doesn´t stop there because it can also kill many types of malicious weeds such as clover, dollar weed, hen bit, chickweed, among others. As a result, your lawn may get the best look for the Summer or Spring seasons.


If your garden has one of the lucky sods that doesn´t have malicious weeds or is infected with insects, this fertilizer will help it stay that way. That is because it prevents that they appear and develop. So, if they were killed you don´t have to worry about having them back for at least 6 months!


This is how to make St Augustine grass thicker and greener. That is because while killing and preventing weeds and insects from your lawn, this fertilizer feeds your grass too. As it gets stronger and better fertilized, it resists heat and droughts more effectively.

  • You can apply it on all variants of St. Augustine grass, including Floratam
  • Its triple action of killing, preventing, and feeding occurs at the same time
  • It might take some time, perhaps weeks, to get insects killed but it definitively does it.
st augustine grass plug


St Augustine grass has many properties that make it ideal for certain soils and environments. However, it doesn´t guarantee that it will grow green and thick. This is why it is important to select a good fertilizer that allows it to be ready to let you enjoy its benefits.

Besides, this type of grass adapts well to different climates and types of soil and every one of them has a different requirement. Due to that, fertilizers come with different specifications that may vary according to them. These are some guidelines to help you select the best option for your lawn.


St Augustine grass requires specific nutrients to grow healthy and show its brilliant green color. Among them, phosphorus, nitrogen, and calcium are the most essential. But the soil of some areas might contain enough phosphorus that your fertilizer shouldn´t add additional dosages. The other nutrient, nitrogen, is essential to avoid that the leaf gets brown. And the potassium is the key to allow the grass to grow. Therefore,you always should check the nutrients of your fertilizer and see if they have all the nutrients you require according to your soil.

Organic or Inorganic Fertilizer? 

This a serious discussion due to the environmental cost it might have. Although a first impression might lead you to think that organics are a better option, sometimes the requirements of the grass and the soil might not be the same. Organic fertilizers tend to act slower than inorganic and that is an important aspect to consider.

In addition, if you apply chemical fertilizers according to what is environmentally acceptable, it shouldn´t be a big problem. When you make a decision, make sure you check what are the rules in your community regarding these matters. 

Time to Apply it

This grass has different requirements according to the time of the year. Due to that, the fabricates have developed a variety of formulas to cover the needs of each one of them. As you could see on this list, there special formulas for starters’ lawns, for the Fall, and those for all year round. So, when you select the lawn Fertilizer for St Augustine Grass, make sure you choose the one that applies to the season you need to apply it. 


Can it be used for all types of grass?

It all depends on the product you use. Most products can and/or are compatible with all types of grass. Consult each product description to avoid any kind of inconvenience with fertilizers.

How many square meters does a bottle of fertilizer reach?

The square meters you can use with your fertilizer will depend on the brand and supplier you want to use. Some go as high as 14,000 SQFT. But many others could reach less or more square meters.

How much water should I use for the fertilizer?

It usually does not matter if you use one gallon of water or three gallons. It will always provide the necessary nutrients to your lawn. The only thing that as well as you put water, so it will take you to spray it.

Do the nutrients remove the amount of water?

No, it does not matter how much you put on it. This will always end up providing the necessary nutrients to your lawn.

How much dry mix to use?

This will depend on the brand and provider you use. Most people use a 14-2-4 ratio when they are in fall or spring. But in the summer months, people tend to use a 7-1-2.

How often should I apply it to my lawn?

This could be depending on how neglected your lawn is. But, we recommend applying it every two weeks while we are in spring. However, when we are in summer, it would be better to do it every four weeks.

Is super juice pet friendly?

Yes, the brand promotes that all its products are friendly. In addition, they mention that their nutrition is healthy for everyone.

St. Augustine Grass Care Tips


It’s time to take action if your St Augustine grass isn’t expanding as promptly as you like or is beginning to transform yellow. Picking an excellent plant food for St Augustine grass can aid bring it back to life immediately and also protect against issues in the future. So you get a clear idea about best lawn Fertilizer for St Augustine Grass.

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