The gold fever never disappears, and modern gold panning kits are the proof of it. Despite you can´t find it in the same proportion, it is still possible to find valuable sources. But you need the best gold panning kit to get the best of it because it requires some skills and effort. So, if you git the gold fever, here are some great kits that will help you leverage your new hobby.

Top 10 Best Gold Panning Kit In 2020 (Best Seller)

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Details Review For Gold Panning Kit (Best picks)

This is a terrific kit for beginners. That is because it contains all the basics and 2 pans that you can use alternatively. Commonly, beginners have low panning skills, so they will have to find their measures and the way that makes them feel better.

So, this is a perfect way to start because 2 pans allow them to choose the best dimensions according to their own needs. Also, as their skills start improving, the kit remains fully functional. The prospector only has to adapt to new skills to maximize the use of the kit.

Main Content

Firstly, it includes a patented ½´´ mesh sifting pan that allows you to select the best and more profitable material before finding the real gold. Then, this kit includes two Gold pans that measure 10´´ and 14´´ respectively. Both have grooves on two sides of the pan to maximize their capacity to catch nuggets and gold flakes.


Also, it includes all the essential accessories to make sure you can collect all the gold you discover. Among them, 2 glass vials of 5.9 ml and 8.8 ml to easily store every piece of gold that you find. As they are transparent, you can always control their content.

Then, tweezers to help you catch the last piece of gold. And, to maximize its function, these tweezers include a 5x magnifier! To help even more is the 4 oz. snifter bottle that conveniently pulls the smallest pieces of gold to send them straight into the glass vial you select.

This kit does nothing but guarantee that your mining adventure is complete and plenty of gold to take back home.


  • It contains all the essentials to collect gold
  • The mesh sifting pan maximize the capacity of the kit to select the best material
  • You can use both pans and obtain similar results with them.


  • It has only 1 level mesh sifting pan classifier
  • It is made in China but is still high-quality

The Garret brand is a popular fabricant of metal detector equipment that has many years offering gold panning kits. This popularity comes to form the good quality of its products and this kit is not an exception. Although is a basic kit, it is very effective and durable.

As it contains 2 pans of different sizes, it is ideal to share the kit with friends and kids. Moreover, you won´t have to worry if you are a new prospector because the simplicity of this kit allows you to have a quick-start with plenty of excitement and excellent results.

Main Content

The first part of the kit is the pan and this kit includes two of them. One is 14´´ and the other is 10.5´´. These measures are very practical as they allow you to use the biggest version when you go gold mining in nearby areas. But when you want to explore farther landscapes to try your good luck, the 10´´ pan is an excellent choice to minimize the weight of your backpack.

Both best gold pans have ridges in just one side but they are so deep that they are very effective when you are classifying your gold in the last phase. Also, the kit comes with a classifier that fits perfectly well in a 5-gallon bucket.

That allows you to collect a huge amount of valuable material and classify it before starting the phase with the pans. It can save you a lot of time because you won´t have to start from scratch every time you put material into the pans.


Good, durable, and functional accessories can make a difference between different gold panning kits. Luckily, this kit includes a set of good accessories too and they add a big plus! First of all, it includes a combo of tweezers with magnifier.

Secondly, it also includes a gold snuffer bottle that is so practical that you only need to squeeze it to create a vacuum effect that sucks up the tiniest pieces of gold flakes and gold nuggets. Moreover, you also get 2 plastic vials that give you enough room to store all the gold you find after long panning sessions.

Finally, there is a bonus booklet with 72 pages named "How to Find Gold". It can help you perfect your panning skills or guide you through your first steps if you are a beginner. This accessory completes the kit and is a guarantee that you obtain everything you need to succeed in your gold quest.


  • The Pans and the classifier are made of thick and durable plastic
  • The booklet contains helpful information


  • Plastic vials are not as good as glass vials
  • Exit holes of the classifier might be too big

The initial reputation of this kit comes from the fact that it appeared in the worldwide famous TV show Shark Tank. Luckily, one shark selected it to developed the project, and it didn´t disappoint at all because the kit is now a huge success.

But this success is not a coincidence because the kit has many reasons to excel as the best gold panning kit. Among them, a patented system to collect and concentrate the finest gold and ease the final process.

Besides, it contains all the necessary items to complete the entire cycle of gold panning and is suitable for the fun of the whole family. After all the fuzz of the show and the publicity, you find out that this is an innovative product that is transforming the gold prospecting activity.

Main Content

For this kit, the bucket leads the list of items. It is a 5-gallon bucket that you can choose among 3 different colors, yellow, pink, and camouflage. The importance of this item starts as a holder of all the other items of the kit and allows you to carry them all easily.

Its second function comes from the filtering process as it holds the patented filtering system before you start using the pans. Thirdly, it includes a tap, and you can improve a seat with the bucket!

After the bucket follows the filtering system that includes the following:

- Upper and Lower screens

- Patented funnel

- Concentration bowl and base

- Gold pan

This system is what creates the magic with the kit and makes gold prospecting so easy and effective. To use this system, you only need to start by installing the concentration bowl at the bottom. Then, you place the patented funnel.

After that, you place the lower screen and then the upper screen at the top. With all this in place, you will be ready to start filtering by adding the sand and rocks on the screens and then mixing them with plenty of water.

And just by letting the gravity complete the job, the sand will go down the funnel until reaching the concentration bowl. The result will provide you more gold than any other system, and you will be ready to find it by traditionally using the gold pan.


Fortunately, its creators didn´t settle with the filtering system and added a list of items that maximize and ease the use of this kit. They included a hand scoop and a complete clean-up set with the following: tweezers, black sand magnet, a suction bottle, and two vials. Also, you will find written instructions, and the creators have a fantastic website with plenty of instructional videos to watch and learn!


  • The entire kit weighs only 7 pounds which makes it easy to carry it around
  • It is well and nicely designed to store it easily
  • The kit is approved by the Gold Prospector´s Association of America


  • It is not recommended to use it in black mud
  • The tweezers don´t include a magnifier
  • It is pricier than other gold panning kits

This is also a patented system that can help you get the best from your efforts to find real gold. It consists of several layers of filters until reaching your goal. Some experienced gold seekers can find it extremely useful as it can go deep to the last layer of material and save them a lot of time and effort.

Main Content

The content of this gold panning kit includes a set of 5 mesh sifting pans that layer after layer screen off gravel and different sizes of rocks. Each pan measures 13´´ – 14´´ and have different screen sizes. These sizes start at ½´´ and continue with ¼´´, 1/8´´, 1/12´´, and 1/20´´.

This progression in sizes from the biggest to the smallest allows that each pan contributes to classify in detail until reaching the smallest gold nuggets and golden flakes. But the size is not the only feature that influences the classification but the original and patented screen design.

Also, their thickness varies according to the screen size that starts at 1.4 mm and follows with 0.95 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.45 mm, and 0.35, respectively. Despite having 5 sifting pans, the kit is very easy and convenient to use. It only requires that you put one pan over another pan until creating a stack.

Then, you add the sand, gravel, and stones with some water. As it is a stack able set, the kit includes a 5-gallon bucket that works as a base to contain the sifting pans. You can start panning from the 3rd pan or wait until reaching the last sifting pan. Suddenly, you will realize how easy it is to find little gold flakes that you can rapidly collect without losing time and effort in classifying.


  • The sifting pans are manufactured in durable plastic
  • It is versatile and flexible, and you can use the kit to separate and classify other materials and substances


  •  It doesn´t include accessories or the last phase pans for swirling

This is a great package that works perfectly well beginners and intermediate gold seekers. It has all the necessary implements to allow you to succeed. So, if you are serious enough about your intention to catch some real gold, this is an excellent choice to start with. Besides, it is nicely designed and in black color.

Main Content

The kit starts with 2 gold pans that measure 10.5 inches and 14 inches each. Its design includes riffles on one side to let you keep the gold nuggets at bay when you are panning. Also, it includes a 3/8 inches mesh that is good enough to classify the first layer of sand or gravel. This is an excellent way to save time and effort. But the benefits of this kit excel with the extras set below.


Although the pan is the essential element of any good gold panning kit, the accessories create an important difference to make it work. And, when we say "work," we mean find all the gold you want as quickly and easily as you need. In this sense, this kit offers all the accessories you need to accomplish your goal.

Firstly, it includes a hand trowel to help you digging the soil and add the material into the sniffing pan. And, for the hardest zones, a hammer ready and very useful to hit and break. Secondly, it comes with precision tweezers with magnifiers. Finally, a snuffle bottle to allow you to pick any size of gold particle you find.

In short, whoever picks this gold panning kit will find that they can use it for fun. Also, it offers a great opportunity to help kids and teenagers to learn about this activity. And, of course, remember the old wild west gold fever!


  • The entire kit is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • The pans are made of recyclable plastic
  • The price is affordable and could an excellent gift


  • The steel in the hammer is too soft

If you are planning to take your gold panning fever to the next level, this is the kit for you. Besides the necessary pans, it also brings advanced extras to make sure you find the gold from wherever you intent panning. And, to make sure you can move around freely to find the best place, it includes a tote backpack ready to go!

Main Content

The kit contains 2 pans with both riffled sides. Pros will value that one of the sides has big and separate riffles and the other side small and joint riffles. The kit also comes with a mini classifier sifting pan, which is very convenient to carry around for long-distance adventure landscapes.

But the real gold in this kit is the 12´´ long miniature sluice Box. It comes with the best sluice mat for fine gold,which is made of rubber V-trap. Also, it includes the miner´s moss to make sure you get the best of it.


This kit doesn´t skimp in accessories as it includes an 8 Lbs. of black sand paydirt separator magnet to ease the extraction of the gold. Also, tweezers with magnifiers to spot wire, tiny lumps, feather-shaped crystals, gold nuggets, or flat flecks. And, 3 vials to store all the gold you collect.


  • The gold panning kit is assembled in the USA
  • The tote backpack is included without additional cost
  • The entire kit fits into the backpack


  • The sluice box might be too small for some buyers


To find the best gold panning, it is essential to consider your level of experience and the frequency of use for the kit.

Level of experience

If you are a beginner and want to try gold panning for the first time, it is recommended to start with basic kits. Although the process is very simple, it requires developing some skills, and many opt for not continuing after their first experience.

Frequency of use

Either beginners or veteran miners have their own frequency to try to find some gold. In this sense, depending on how much use you give to your equipment will determine what type of kit you need. Although most of the kits are made of plastic, some of them are more resistant, or lightweight, and durable. You should find these features when buying the kit.


The best gold panning kit guarantees that the time and effort you invest for gold panning is rewarding. But to find the best kit, you must determine your intentions and goals with it. Although it can be a very profitable activity, it can be a source of fun for many other people. In any case, check the price, the destiny to gold panning, and the level of experience will determine the best kit for you.

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