Grass Seed for Florida

Best Grass Seed for Florida

Florida is a wonderful state to live, grow, and have fun. Part of what makes this state so beautiful is the landscape with some of the best gardens. The coast, its vegetation, and many other features determine what it is. Among them, the lawns are an important part f the residential areas and public spaces such as parks or clubs. Due to that, it is not strange that you want to have beautiful gardens that combine with the city where you live. And this is only possible when you select the best grass seed for Florida. So, see below the best options for Florida.

List Of Grass For Florida


Scientific Name



Bahia  grassPaspalum notatumPoaceaePaspalum

Warm Season

Bermuda grassCynodon dactylon  Poaceae


Warm Season      

Carpet GrassAxonopus fissifolius Poaceae


Warm season

Centipede grassEremochloa ophiuroidesPoaceaeEremochloa

Warm season

Seashore paspalumPaspalum vaginatumPoaceae


Warm season

Zoysia GrassZoysia japonicaPoaceae


Warm season



Cool Season

OSP Ryegrass

Lolium perenne



Cool Season

florida grass seeds

Top 5  grass Seed  For Florida (Top List)

Top 5 Grass Seed  For Florida (Details Review)

1. SeedRAnch Pensacola Bahia Grass seed

Have you been wondering what is the easiest grass to grow in Florida? If so, you will quickly notice that Bahia Grass is definitely one of them. And these seeds can prove it. They grow thick and green grass in a shorter time than other brands.

Despite this fast grow and easy establishment, you still will have a very resistant grass that can tolerate heavy activities. The color will be bright green with wide blades.  It is best grass for sandy soil in florida and use them in sandy soil next to the coast, and it is low maintenance, so you won´t have to fertilize it regularly.

  • You can plant up to 1,000 square feet with this bag of 10 lbs.
  • Bahia Grass is also drought and disease resistant
  • Some customers claim that the sealing of the bag is not very reliable

2. Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed (2 lbs.) 100% Pure Seed

This might easily be the  grass seed for Florida shade. Because it is best grass seed for shade. That is because the Zenith Zoysia excels for its tolerance to light shade and cold. At the same time, it has a good tolerance for high humidity and extreme heat. However, not as much as other varieties warm grasses. But it adapts really well to Florida climate, especially to the Northern area.

Zenith Zoysia Benefits

The benefits of planting Zenith Zoysia include a dark green blade with a medium texture. Although it grows slower than other grasses, the final result is a dense lawn that is very tolerant of drought. Besides, it adapts so well to both extreme heat and cold that you can plant it in any area of Florida.

Besides being an excellent choice for lawns, it has been successfully planted and grown in golf courses, parks, and other commercial landscapes. To obtain the best results, it is better if you plant it in mid-Spring so that way you will have enough time until the Summer to enjoy it.

  • The content is only 100% Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed without mix
  • Each order includes planting instructions
  • It needs at least 60 days to germinate but planting it in the proper time guarantee the success

3. TifBlair Centipede Grass Seed (1 Lb.) Direct from the Farm

Centipede grass has an extraordinary capacity to grow in poor soils, and then when it is established, it is one of the easiest to maintain. This is a killing combination that is worthy of trying if you are lazy to take care of your lawn. After getting established, it only needs 1 or 2 a year of fertilizing and normal watering.

Other benefits include that it lasts longer during the fall and recovers earlier for the Spring. Its green color is medium to light. Also, due that is a slow-growing land, it requires little moving. In Florida and other Southern states, it is a favorite for landscapes, parks, and home lawns. It means it is a versatile grass.

Planting the seed

If you want to enjoy the benefits of this grass, you must follow the directions included in the bag. These seed are coated to guarantee that they can germinate in the most extreme conditions. When it flourishes, it is tolerant of drought and extreme heat. Besides, it is best grass seed for full sun and flexible enough to survive under the full sun and cold.

  • Just 1 bag can reach up 4,000 Square feet.
  • It doesn´t include mulch
  • On occasions, it might take more time than expected to grow up fully.

4. Hancock´s Argentine Bahia Grass Seed Mix (Coated)

Bahia Grass is a well-know grass that grows strong in Southern states of the USA, including Florida. This mix of seeds for this variant, named Argentine, is as resistant to insects and illness as the original one. That is one of the reasons why it is considered equally friendly for lawns and pastures.

To improve their quality, these seeds are conveniently coated with protectors and nutrients to make them stronger and more resistant during their germination process into the soil.


Since Argentine may have a hard time to establish its roots, the Hancock brand mixed it in 25% proportion with Brown top Millet. Due to that, you will notice how the Brown top Millet sprouts first. Meanwhile, Argentine roots will be growing, taking hold, and developing.

Then, the seeds take advantage of the benefits provided by the Brown top Millet that prevents erosion and retains soil moisture. Sooner than you expect, you will have a dark green color carpet with a thick texture that goes perfectly well in your lawn. Also, it will remain like that because it is heat and drought resistant and can keep its appearance to let you enjoy the summer and the spring with plenty of outdoor activities.

  • Once the Argentine grass grows, it is low maintenance and requires less watering than other grass varieties.
  • This variant does not grow at its best under shady areas
  • It requires strict control of watering and mowing during the first 65 days of the germination process to avoid that the Browntop Millet exceeds the Argentine.

5. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Heat – Tolerant Blue Mix for Tall Fescue Lawns

Although Tall Fescue is a cold season grass, it also adapts pretty well to Southern areas such as the state of Florida. So, it is not strange that you have decided to plant it in your lawn. In this case, these seeds are your best option.

To improve its tolerance and hep develop deeper roots, Scotts mix edits best Tall Fescue´s seeds with Bluegrass seeds. This is a smart move that combines incredibly well with all the smart features of this product.

Smart Features

The benefits of these seeds begin with the 4-in-1 Water Smart Plus Coating. That is because this exclusive coating can feed seedlings with additional nutrients while contributing to protecting them from infections and plagues. Also, the seeds absorb a lot more water than any other seeds for the same type of grass, which allows them to remain moisturized for longer periods. As a result, they germinate faster and easier.

Smart Benefits

Some of the most important benefits of these seeds are the 33% thicker growing when compared with other seeds of the same type of grass. Also, it can recover in record time when it is affected by extreme heat or drought while spreads to self-repairing.

  • The 4-in-1 Water Smart Plus Coating includes fungicide to avoid harmful diseases
  • Scotts selected its best seeds
  • It requires daily watering until the blades reach at least 2 inches tall
  • It might take up to 60 days to get established

How To Plant Grass Seed? Quickly and Easily


When you have to decide the seeds that you need for your lawn or any other area, it is time to consider not only the seed but also the type of grass. The products that you find in the market are specifically classified according to the kind of grass. Check here to learn the basics of how to select the  grass seed for Florida.

The best grass seed according to your region

Grasses react according to the climate and the soil conditions. So, every region has its own features. If you don´t select the right region, it doesn´t matter how good seed can be, it will not germinate there. Planting grass seed in Florida has its own challenges, just like any other region.

The heat and drought in some areas can be intense, and the other regions may have mild or cold temperatures that make difficult to select the type of seed/grass. The good news is that every region has several options and it gives many possibilities to choose from. The main classification is given between “warm season” and “cool season.” The state of Florida needs “warm season” varieties. Just make sure you select the proper region before you make your decision.

Coating of the seeds

The coating is a technology that enhances the seed to make it more resistant during the process. It means that the results may be reached faster and with less risk. But these seeds may be a little pricey. However, if you have the budget for them, do not hesitate to try them first.

Planting requirements

It includes the preparation of the soil, the number of seeds per square feet, the best time of the year, the watering requirements, and the way to spread the seeds. In any case, make sure you follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Even the best grass seed for Florida has to be planted properly to germinate.

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