A metal detecting shovel can be a hobby for many people and a serious matter for many others. In any case, it requires some time and effort that make it worthy to rely on a good tool. Fortunately, the market offers some great metal detecting shovels that allow you to carry them around and execute clean and easy cuts. And the best of it is that you can do it easily.

But the best metal detecting shovel should also include additional features to make it suitable for other tasks. And, this is what we present you below with a list of some of the best shovels for metal detecting.

Top 10 shovel for metal detecting (Best Seller)

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Comparison Table Of Metal Detecting Shovel

Best Choice
Lesche Sampson Pro-Series Shovel with T-Handle for Metal Detecting and Gardening
Product Dimensions
14 x 4 x 2 inches
1.75 pounds
Lesche Ball Handle Heavy Duty Metal Detecting Shovel with Serrated Blade
Product Dimensions
33 x 4.5 x 3 inches
2 pounds
Best Rating
Lesche 1V_WWMFG-32-SER T- Handle Heavy Duty Metal Detecting Shovel with Serrated Blade
Product Dimensions
36.7 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches
3 pounds

Details Review Of Metal Detecting Shovel

It is a completely steel-made model of a shovel and still at an affordable price. This material makes it very strong but keeps its lightness. Due that it is a professional type, it has all the features you need to make neat cuts easily.

As you may use your shovel in different types of soil, this tool can get adapted to any of them. Also, for different types of searches. This is to say that coin retrieval may require a different effort than searching for archeological objects. But in any of these tasks, this shovel delivers what you need.

Size and Design

The size of 31´´ overall allows you to push easily into the soils and pull out pieces of dirt plug in a neat way. Moreover, you can replace it easily without leaving traces of your job. This size also allows you to push and pull while you are comfortably seated. Therefore, your digging experience is always effortless.

The spade-like design exceeds other models because of the aircraft quality of the steel material and the pre-sharpened edge. Hence, you can cut roots, hard grounds, dry soils, and get through the most intricate holes. In other words, this is the best spade shovel.


  • The sharpened design allows you to cut anything
  • You can dig very deep holes but with nice, small, and neat cuts
  • It is easy and lightweight to carry for long hunts


  • The handle might be too short of making cuts without bending over
  • Its price is higher than other shovels

This is a 31 inches long shovel that is very durable and solid enough to cut into the ground easily. Although it is a little heavy, it is so strong that you save time and effort and get relief for arms and back.

Neat cuts

Despite its big size and weight, it cuts very clean and thin holes by getting into the soil as a sharpened knife. You can see how plugs are so well shaped to the point that they can go back to its site without causing major disturbance to the soil. And you can have perfect plugs with just 3 or 4 cuts.


  • Made in the USA
  • The serrated blade is only on one side of the blade
  • It is all manufactured in metal


  • It only offers 5 years warranty

If you want the best quality for your treasure hunting experience, this is definitively one that many people may consider the best digging tool you can find. This shovel allows you to go digging in any public area like parks, beaches, and others without destroying the natural beauty of such lands. That is because you can make clean cuts and then leave the land just as initially found it.

Size and design

The overall length is 31´´ which is perfect for long walks while enjoying the pleasure of discovering new pieces with a lightweight piece. Besides, its strength is backed up by airplane quality steel tubing and heat treated metals.

The design includes a serrated digging blade on one side, and another side combines with aspade shovel. As a result, you can cut and remove any soil, clay, root, and rocky soil. Thus, every time you go hunting for relics or jewelry, you have an ally for digging until the last corner.


  • Its construction is solid
  • It makes it easy to cut clean plugs
  • It is easy to carry around due to its convenient size


  • It might be too short for using without bending
  • The paint flakes off rapidly

This a multi-purpose shovel that goes perfectly well with digging for precious metals and gardening. Its most prominent feature is its capacity to pull strong and deep roots that you can find on your way. Due to its strength, you can replace multiple tools, such as the root saw and the root hatchet, as it is an all-in-one tool.

Convenient Size and Design

This is a shovel you can use for long sessions of metal detection due to its original and comfortable design. Firstly, the O-shape for the handle offers a more gripping surface. Thus, you can easily manipulate and fully control the shovel with both hands. As a result, you add more strength to your work when opening holes and cutting roots. And, you can chop, carve, and dig because the tool helps to cut whatever the roots you can find.

Besides, its grips are manufactured with non-latex and thermoplastic elastomer over-molded onto polypropylene at top. The exceptional power to cut roots comes from the combination of an inverted V-shape cutting tip, and unique teeth rip.

When they act together, none root or hard ground can resist. Moreover, the blade is highly resistant as the manufacturers make it with powder-coated carbon steel. At the same time, It includes toothed sides along the blade to maximize its cutting power.


  • It offers lifetime manufacturers guarantee
  • The design helps to relieve stress in arms, hand, and wrist


  • It is heavier than other shovel models, but it translates it to make stronger and harder to bend or break when cutting hard roots

This is a sturdy tool that can remove bigger amounts of dirt than other shovels. In the process, it can easily cut roots and weeds. Easily dig for seeding or fertilizing any kind of planting.  As a result, you won´t need too much effort and can optimize your time hunting for valuable treasures.

And, if you use it for gardening and plant transplanting, you will be able to complete each one of your projects in record time. Its size, design, and combination of basic materials and their coatings make it durable and resistant to achieve the deepest holes.

Once you find your relic or piece of jewelry, you won´t want to let it go! And, the only way to guarantee that you keep it is by using the best digging tools. Also, if you are hunting deeply buried jewelry, the blade of this shovel is highly dependable to let you make deep and smooth cuts.

Size and Design

This shovel´s design is manufactured with metallurgic materials and a curved tip. This innovative tip allows you to dig deeper and more efficiently until obtaining maximum coverage. Therefore, you can cut the time for your projects when you are gardening or reduce the time you have to dig when finding treasures.

 Also, each side is serrated with 16 teeth in opposite directions to make it more effective getting in and out no matter the location of the root and weeds. The handle is also manufactured in metal but rubber-coated. It makes it as durable as the shovel itself but comfortable. Besides, its design allows your hands and finger to fit perfectly well when you use it.


  • Serrated teeth in the blade increase the power of the shovel
  • It can cut roots
  • It is reasonably lightweight
  • The Root Assassin is available in 2 sizes. One in 32´´ and the other in 48´´


  • It is not suitable for prying or as a lever
  • It only cuts small or medium size roots

This model of a shovel is aimed at those who are seeking to dig in the smallest spaces. It is the compact version of the Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer. Despite it is compact, it still continues to be a terrific metal detector.

Also, it is lightweight, and the smallest size of the handle still provides a stronghold. Due to its flexibility, gardeners marvel with its capacity to uproot difficult plants and weeds while being so handy and practical.

Size and Design

With about 70% less size than the Root Slayer, its measures make it ideal for easy carry and manipulation. And, you won´t have to compromise the high quality of a root slayer because the best features remain the same. People with medium height will find this tool ideal.

Besides, the inverted V-shape provides the maximum capacity to dig deep through small holes until you can reach your targets. The blade maintains a powder-coated over steel. And, the shaft is made of resin-encased carbon steel combined with non-latex grips at the top.

All these features make it a multi-purpose tool that either gardeners or metal-detectors can find very effective. Also, it is strong enough to cut routs in just one stroke and penetrate packed earth. On the other hand, it is a terrific option to cut light weeds and is lightweight to carry it around with just one hand.


  • The compact size is ideal for gold-digging
  • It offers lifetime manufacturer guarantee
  • It maintains the best features of the original Root Slayer
  • It includes a vinyl case for the blade without additional cost


  • The handle might no be as good as the rest of the shovel, but it is still functional

From any point of view, this is a heavy-duty shovel because it can penetrate the hardest soil, clay, and even rocks! This amazing strength is possible due to a wide blade that measures 7.5´´ length x 5.5´´ width. This measure allows you to obtain deep cuts up to 6´´ x 7´´.

As this model is longer than other versions, you can complete your job easily without bending over. Tall people will love this shovel due to its 36´´ length. Besides, as it is a heavy-duty tool, you can dig on many types of soil, even the hardest ones.

Even more, if you start digging a soft soil and then hit big roots and hard lands, this shovel will respond by cutting whatever you find. It is versatile enough to use it for chopping, digging, and prying purposes.

Also, you can be as rough as you want because it maintains its edge for a long time, even if you use it in zones with stones and thick roots. Its durability also covers the shaft as it maintains straights after many uses.


  • It includes a heavy nylon sheath with Velcro closures
  • It can cut roots 1 ½´´ and bigger
  • It is very sharp and extra sturdy


  • It only offers 60 days warranty
  • It is a little heavy but resistant
  • It is only available in one color


Finding the best digging tool for metal detecting implies finding the best materials and designs. However, these 2 features have enough variations to make you doubt the best option for you. Besides, this tool can be a very flexible and versatile thing of choosing it for different purposes and get the best of them. Here some tips on how to go through the best digging tools.


Metal detecting shovels include 2 main parts. Firstly, the blades which are mostly manufactured in metal. But not all metals are the same. In addition, they include some alloys and coatings that make them more durable and resistant, and that is what you have to check. One of the most common metals is steel, and it would be a great choice due to its natural hardness.

Secondly, are the handle and the stick. Among these two, the handle mustn´t slip. Manufacturers tend to use some coatings and add coverage to make them easy to maneuver. In this sense, you can be confident that most of them cover this aspect. Depending on the size of your hands, you might choose different models, and they come in many types.

Cutting Teeth

Due to the natural function of metal detecting shovels, teeth are a crucial part of them. They come in different sizes and may be placed on one or both sides of the shovel. The strongest ones are placed on both sides and have different angles and directions. Also, the distance between each tooth and the size of them can create a different feature.


The design of the shovel covers the blade and the handle. The blade is commonly in V-shape. But the best shovels have specific designs for the tip, which is the part with the biggest impact over the soil. The blade also includes teeth, and when it doesn´t include them, the design must favor the cutting function with sharp.

The handle is the other piece that affects the entire shovel. To pick a good handle, the size is the first factor to consider. For instance, if you have big hands, the O-shape or the traditional shape would fit better for you. On the other hand, if you have small hands, perhaps a different model like the Radius Garden 22311 Root Slayer Nomad would be better.


The height of the metal detecting shovel is important when it comes to your own height. You need to verify if digging is easier for you when you are seated or not. The tallest models allow you to dig without having to bend over. And, the smallest models require more effort or fit better for shorter people.

Overall, shovels shorter than 32´´ fit better for shorter people. In addition, the height is also important for comfort when you carry it around. In other words, larger shovels are heavier, and you will get tired easier due to the extra weight. However, it will depend on your strength and the area you are planning to hunt.


Finding the best metal detecting shovel becomes a must as soon as you start digging. At first, you may think you can use ordinary gardening tools, but the results and the effort you have to put rapidly dissuades anyone who tries. And, that is exactly why these shovels are made for.

These are highly precise tools that offer comfort and allow you to dig where you want and obtain the results you desire. Moreover, the list we provided above come in different sizes and designs to allow you to choose the cut and how to carry them.

What is even better about best shovels for metal detecting is that they can avoid that you use additional tools to complete your digging. Besides, in many cases, they can be an alternative gardening tool, and you can save money and storage space.

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