Nowadays, it is common that many people want to have their own chicken coop. Farms are no longer the only source of eggs. And it is possible because hens are very friendly and easy to take care of. Besides, they allow you to get organic eggs by controlling their nutrition. So, nothing is more important when it comes to eggs than best nest boxes for chickens

The Magic of Nest Boxes

It is remarkable how the hens increase their production when they have the proper nesting box. That is why it is important to go through the best nest box reviews to make sure you can obtain the best approach of what you need. This is what we intend to present to you by helping you to find the  nest box for chickens.

Top 10 Nest  Boxes For Chickens (Best Seller)

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Details Review Of Nest  Boxes For Chickens (Best Picks)

Among poultry nesting boxes, this is a model that offers maximum comfort and flexibility while allowing easy maintenance and assembly. Also, it is very durable due that is manufactured in galvanized steel.

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance is given by two factors. Firstly, the galvanized steel used to manufacture it allows you to clean it, and the poop doesn´t stick like in wooden boxes. Secondly, it includes removable nest bottoms that allow you to clean them separately. 

Great Capacity

This could be considered a nest box for sale because one-piece offers capacity for 6 hens while having an affordable price.

Easy and Safe Assembly

The nest box is simple to put together and only requires a screwdriver and a wrench to join the pieces. Besides, it is pretty safe to work with it because the exposed edges are folded, and there is no risk of getting injured when you assemble it.


  • It has ventilation holes to allow fresh air flow freely
  • The double perches are well articulated to allow closing


  • It isn´t a roll away nest box, so it doesn´t include egg´s compartments
  • The wood of the perches might have splinters
This a single nest box with all the requirements to protect the hens and make things easier for you. The curtains provide extra privacy and prevent egg eating. Besides, it is a roll away nest box that helps you collect eggs without getting dirty. Due to all its features and its convenient price, it might be considered a nest box for sale.

Super Safe and Hygienic Materials

These chicken nesting boxes are extremely hygienic due to their materials. The first thing that stands out is the terrific material of the nesting pad, which is made of polyethylene and doesn´t collect bacteria easily.

Besides, it is removable, and you can take it out to clean it wherever you want and don´t need to spend additional sums of money on nesting bedding. Also, it is made of plastic and metal which makes it lightweight but strong enough to hold well all the hens.

Full Privacy

This level of privacy is due to the curtains that make the hens feel more comfortable than any other nesting boxes. But the curtains have another function that consists of avoiding egg-eating without interrupting the natural cycle of hens when they lay eggs.


  • The egg compartment is at the front and is adjustable to allow all sizes of eggs to roll down easily
  • It is completely separated from other nesting boxes which gives full privacy
  • Its dimensions are big enough to allow the biggest hens to get in


  • The curtains still leave a little chance that hens touch the eggs, but it rarely happens
  • The metal panels are too sharp and can be dangerous to install them without precaution

This a simple nesting box but has everything that your chickens need. It is single and manufactured with high-density polyethylene, which makes it durable and resistant to impacts. Unlike the metal, this material doesn´t corrode, rust, or rot.


  • It has a sloped roof to prevent roosting
  • It is well ventilated with lateral holes
  • Once it is mounted it fits securely on the surface.


  • It fits better when mounted to a wooden backing board, but it is not
  • The roost bar is too close to the box
If you have more than one hen, then this is a nesting box that you need to consider. It is very convenient because you obtain 2 boxes by purchasing and putting together just one, and you don´t need to mount it on the wall or anywhere else. Also, it is manufactured in galvanized steel, which makes it rust-resistant.


  • It has ventilation holes on the panels to guarantee that air flows
    without difficulty
  • The perches are located on a good distance to allow easy closing
  • It has a convenient price because you obtain 2 nesting boxes for the prize of 1


  • It might a little difficult to assemble due to the sharp material
  • As they are twin boxes, they can be too close to each other and lack some privacy
A nesting box that is easy to assemble and provides 3 nesting boxes fully separated in just one. It is lightweight, and you can easily change its position because you don´t need to mount it. Also, it is manufactured in a high-quality 3/8´´ plywood, which makes it more resistant than simple wood.


  • It has big dimensions, so chickens are comfortable while laying their
  • The product includes everything you need to assemble it


  • Due to its material, it necessary to add bedding
  • It might be a little difficult to clean
  • It doesn´t include perches

Being the best nest box is a very well-deserved title for this product.  Both the materials and its design create the perfect combination to make the hens really happy and ready to lay many eggs.

The Mix of Materials

The mixture of materials for these nest box for chickens is one that really stands out. That is because the 2 materials consist of plastic and metal, both of which are lightweight and easy to clean.

Roomy Design

The design is so perfect because it offers enough space to make the hens feel comfortable. The measure for each box is 13 inches x 9.5 inches. It means that they can get in and out easily and can rest while laying their eggs.

Extra Compartment for eggs

This is a roll away nest box because it has an extra compartment in the back where the eggs can automatically roll down when the hens lay them. It keeps eggs always clean when hens poop while still in the nest box. Also, it avoids that you have to disturb them or get dirty to collect the eggs.


  • Very easy to assemble and includes a video with clear instructions
  • It doesn´t need nesting pads because the hens can rest directly on the nesting box
  • You can choose between screwing the nest box to any space or install it with a stand along with other nesting boxes


  • The egg compartment is not big enough. So, if hens lay a lot, all eggs might not fit completely.
  • The stand for installing the nesting box must be purchased separately.



When you try to find the  nest boxes for chickens, it is necessary to consider some aspects related to the boxes and others related to your space. When considering the nesting boxes, the quality of the materials, the design, and the number of boxes is crucial. On the other hand, when you consider the space where they will be installed, it is necessary to determine if you can mount it or just have some space available on the ground.


The main materials to manufacture poultry nesting boxes include plastic, galvanized steel, and plywood. And it is not casual. These materials offer resistance and durability and are commonly lightweight. When choosing the best material, you need to consider how hard it is to clean it and what the chickens prefer. In this sense, steels, and plastic take the lead, and the plywood, although very convenient and resistant, might be a little harder.


Although nesting boxes are pretty simple, there some details that create some important differences. First of all, the difference between single and twins or triple boxes is crucial. That is because privacy is important for hens. If you have twin nest boxes that your chickens don´t want to use, perhaps they need single boxes. Also, it is easier to find space for single boxes, and they can hang out from higher places. Most of the time, single boxes have better and more detailed designs. However, twin or triple nesting boxes for chickens are usually easier to install and can give you everything you need.


If you are trying to find the best nest box for sale, you can surely find it among the simplest designs. But notice that the price difference that
some additions like the perches and nesting pads might not add significant amounts of money to the final. So, it is worthy to consider all the options.


Finding the best nest boxes for chickens is easy when you have the basic information. And, if you want to find the best nest box for sale, it only requires a little more curiosity to dig into the smallest details that you can find in this review. Check always the designs and materials, and you will find the best option for your coop.

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