5 Best Perennial Ryegrass Seed In 2022

Perennial Ryegrass Seed

Last Updated on May 8, 2022

Perennial grasses are the most popular among homeowners due that they don´t need annual reseeding. Among these varieties, the ryegrass stands out due to its particular features. They come as annual and perennial. However, many seek the best perennial ryegrass seed because it produces magnificent, cool-season grass. Also, you can combine it with other varieties, and it doesn´t require annual reseeding.

But after planting it, perennial ryegrass also requires specific measures to make sure it grows properly. Fortunately, its maintenance is not so hard to complete. And, if you follow the instructions of the fabricants when you initially plant the seeds of the grass, the success is guaranteed. Here you will find some of the best options.

Top 5 perennial ryegrass seed (List)

Choosing the what is the best perennial ryegrass seedDetails Review

If you already know that you want perennial grass, then it is time to choose the best seed. By selecting the best seeds very carefully you guarantee that you have the most beautiful results. Also, you avoid reseeding for future years. Below is a list of some of the best options available in the market.

1. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Perennial Ryegrass Mix

With this product, the brand Scotts leverages one of the most outstanding features of perennial grass. This is to say that this variety of grass traditionally works incredibly well when is mixed with other varieties. Although this type of grass is more suitable for cold weather, the mix allows its adaptation and success in warmer lawns too.

In this case, the mix also includes the powerful “Best Seed” technology. It incorporates high resistance to the stress and external conditions during the most critical growing process. As a result, you will find unparalleled resistance to diseases and higher levels of moisture. All of it ends providing a fast-growing grass that is capable to last the entire year.

Key Features

  • It is resistant and grows well under full sun and light shade
  • The seeds include 4 in 1 Water Smart Plus Coating Technology
  • Seeds include fungicide to protect against diseases
  • Seeds can absorb the double amount of water than other seeds
  • Formulated for Northern Lawns in the USA
  • Best time to use it is early fall
  • The texture is fine bladed


  • Product dimensions: 10 x 15 x 18 inches
  • Item weight: 7.14 pounds
  • Manufacturer: ScotchBlue
  • All seeds include 4 in 1 Water Smart Plus Coating Technology
  • It guarantees a quicker, greener, and thicker growth of the grass
  • It is low drought resistance
  • It requires daily watering until it grows and if you want to keep it in good condition during warm seasons.

Final Verdict

The 4 in 1 Water Smart Plus Coating Technology makes this product a champion among the seeds of perennial grass. The fact that it is also mixed guarantees that it delivers its best features and may last during warmer seasons. Therefore, if you are looking for the best choice for this type of seed, this is definitively an option to consider.

2. GreenView Fairway Formula Grass Seed Perennial Ryegrass Blend

This is a high-performance blend of perennial grass seeds that is backed up by a company with more than 70 years in the market. Despite that seeds are not coated, the high expertise of the manufacturers allows that the selection includes top-rated seeds. That guarantees excellent results and a quick germination process.

The blend also maintains the original properties and features of perennial grass seeds that make them highly resistant. Also, it is an excellent choice for cooler seasons when you have warm-season grass and want to keep your lawn always looking nice.  

Key Features

  • Suitable for areas with full sun and medium shade
  • Period of germination in 7-10 days
  • The dark green color of the grass
  • Uncoated seeds that allow more coverage
  • Recommended for overseeding warm-season grasses when cooler months arrive
  • Easy to germinate in compacted soils
  • The blend of seeds includes premium quality and top-rated seeds.
  • 7 lbs. of seeds cover 1,750 sq. Ft for new lawns and 3,500 sq. Ft when overseeding.


  • Product dimensions: 16.5 x 13 x 5.75 inches
  • Weight: 8.5 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Lebanon Seaboard Corporation
  • Seeds are 99.9% free of weeds
  • It works to overseed during cooler months
  • Tolerance to high-traffic, including people and pets
  • It requires extra-fertilizer to increase the moist of seeds during the germination process
  • Seeds are not coated
  • The texture of the grass is fairly fine

Final Verdict

If you are in a warm area with warm type grass, you will always end needing some complement to maintain it looking nice during cooler seasons. And this is a great choice. Besides growing quickly, it provides great tolerance and resistance to traffic. Therefore, it is an excellent product for big lawns that receive family activities.

3. Nature´s Seed TURF LOPE-500-F Perennial Ryegrass Seed Blend

This blend of perennial ryegrass seeds can bring the maximum joy to your garden due to its quick establishment. If you use it in your home lawn, you will never struggle again during the winter and other cool seasons, no matter the region.

The yearly transition from Summer/Spring to Fall/Winter will not destroy the lush, warm look that invites to play and enjoy outdoor activities. Due to its resistance, public places can also enjoy all the benefits of these seeds. 

Key Features

  • The blend contains two 100% premium types of perennial ryegrass seed
  • For establishing, it takes only a fraction of the time than other traditional lawn grasses
  • The Seeds produce grass that is tolerant to salt and diseases
  • Recommended for a wide range of places such as golf courses, homes, sports fields and more
  • These seeds can be planted in any region
  • Packages available for 500 – 1,000 – 1,500 – 2,000 and 5,000 sq. ft


  • Product dimensions: 14 x 20 x 8 inches
  • Item weight: 5 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Nature´s Seed
  • It mixes perfectly well with warm-season varieties of grass
  • The content is available in biodegradable and environmentally friendly cloth bags
  • Resistant to high traffic areas
  • Some weeds might appear during the process
  • 5,000 sq. ft content comes in a standard bag instead of biodegradable cloth

Final Verdict

Whenever you are in a hurry to reseed your lawn for the winter season, this is the best option you can take. It grows faster than any other ryegrass seeds. But you can use it for new lawns too and will have an incredible and robust yard.

4. Pennington Smart Seed Perennial Rye Grass Seed

These seeds produce grass that excels among the crowd due to its fine texture and durability. It goes beyond the ordinary by adding a remarkable capacity to resist hard conditions. Due to its tolerance to sun and shade, fungus and other diseases will never find a room in these seeds.

Key Features

  • It naturally resists insects
  • It saves 30% more water
  • Seeds contain Myco technology to favor strong roots
  • Protection against summer heat and drought
  • Penkoted technology that provides full protection against fungus with faster-growing processes
  • Grass can maintain a dark green color during the winter


  • Product dimensions: 11 x 7.5 x 3 inches
  • Item weight: 3.09 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Central Garden & Pet
  • It tolerates full sun and partial shade
  • Includes water retention system
  • Seeds get to establish faster at the beginning of the growing process
  • Pets and children should stay away until seeds are dried

Final Verdict

It is not by chance that these seeds stand out among the crowd. Pennington did an excellent job of protecting and strengthen the seeds until making them ultra-resistant. Definitely, these are heavy-duty seeds that will grow no matter the conditions they face.

5. Best Annual RyeGrass Seed 5 Lbs. (Tetraploid)

Although less valuable than its counterpart, the perennial ryegrass, this grass is an excellent choice for the coolest areas. Also, it is an excellent companion for any grass type due to its resistance and durability.

During the time that annual ryegrass is active, it is an excellent choice as a forage grass and for hay. Also, home lawns use it as a complement during the winter because it grows strong and glossy when warm grass varieties can´t face the winters.

Key Features

  • Seeds are non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)
  • It is rust-resistant
  • High cold tolerance
  • Seeds are packed in the USA
  • 5 Lbs of seed cover up to 1,000 sq. ft of new lawn
  • Seeds grow quick and easy
  • Can control erosion and enhance soil life


  • Product dimensions: 14 x 10 x 3 inches
  • Item weight: 4.94 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Seed Ranch
  • You can use them as organic matter
  • These seeds can suppress weeds
  • Seeds are hand packed by OrOLam distributor
  • The grass dies off in summer months
  • Seeds are not treated with anti-fungal

Final Verdict

This is an excellent addition to reinforce the coverage of perennial ryegrass. Also, it is an excellent companion for any other grass. Especially warm-type grasses that can´t keep their appearance during cooler months. If you are seeking to assure that your lawn has a healthy appearance during cool seasons, this is a great option to consider.

Why Perennial Ryegrass Grass Used For?

In the last years, perennial grass became extremely popular for home lawns. Firstly, it is budget-friendly because it doesn´t require annual reseeding. Secondly, its aesthetic is stunning. The blade is thin, and the color reaches a deep green.

Nowadays, some fabricants add special coatings that make it even more resistant than it naturally is. Moreover, it grows quickly, and that makes it ideal for covering patches. Although warm grass is very aggressive to grow and doesn´t let too much space for cold season grasses, perennial grass seems to adapt well.

Perennial ryegrass is capable of growing and flourishing when the warm grass goes doormat during the fall and winter. Other uses of perennial grass include pasture and turf. However, it is more popular among homeowners. 

The Best Time to Plant Perennial Ryegrass Seed

Basically, there are 2 moments you can plant perennial ryegrass seed to assure your success. Those moments depend on the overall temperature of the soil and environment that allows the seed to grow correctly. Knowing that the best range of temperature for the soil is between 50°F and 65°F. Usually, that occurs when the day temperature is between 60°F and 75°F. And the best moments are the following:

  • Early Fall: This is the best time and the best time of the Fall season. Not only the seeds receive the proper temperature, but they have time to grow and establish before warmer seasons begin. Also, if temperatures get too cold, seeds might not survive either.

When summer starts, perennial ryegrass goes doormat due to the stress that this temperature represents. But planting it in advance allows that it gets strong enough to handle such stress.

  • Spring: although it is not the ideal time to plant perennial grass, you might use this time and have some chances to see your perennial grass to succeed. But during Spring, seeds only have time to root and get stronger, and you probably will have to wait until next fall to see if they will grow properly.
Ryegrass Seed

Should You Plant Perennial or Annual Ryegrass Seed?

Both species, perennial and annual ryegrass, are considered cold weather grasses. The main difference consists of the time they remain active. Perennial ryegrass grows every year, and you don´t need to reseed it. On the other hand, annual ryegrass dies off after the cold weather ends because it doesn´t tolerate the stress of warmer temperatures.

To decide which is the best option, it is important to consider the effort you are willing to make every year to see your grass grow. Secondly, the annual specie seems to go better for pastures and forage, and the perennial goes better for lawns and commercial or domestic yards.

How to Plant Perennial Ryegrass Seed

  • Choose the proper time that could make early Fall or Spring
  • Prepare the soil by pulling out existing weeds and aerate the soil if it is compacted. Also, add a pre-fertilizer that favors the growth of the seeds.
  • In case you have warm-season grass in dormancy, cut them as short as possible.
  • Plant the seeds by distributing them evenly around the soil.
  • Water frequently according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Wait until they grow about 1.5 – 2.5 inches and mow the lawn. This growth should take about 5-10 days.
  • Keep watering the grass to enjoy a gorgeous lawn.

Buying Guide

The process of buying the top perennial ryegrass seed gets easier due to the specifications of the fabricants. They tend to offer details on the quality and other features of the seeds. Having said that, some of the features you should pay attention to are the following;

Choose between warm-season or cool-season grass seeds

This is the first step you should take to make sure that you start selecting the proper grass seed for your lawn or soil. To do so, check the temperatures of your zone. Then check the package of the seeds and read the recommendations of the fabricant. Also, you can check your government recommendations regarding the type of grass that better fits your land.

Sunlight and shade

Perennial ryegrass seeds usually grow better under the sun and tolerate some shade too. However, the sun is essential. So, check the area where you want to plant the seeds and make sure it receives proper sun.

Natural or GMO?

Nowadays, there are natural seeds and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) seeds. Both can produce excellent results. However, if you are picking natural seeds or non-GMO, try to find a selection of the best seeds.

Blend of seeds

You can choose among pure perennial grass seeds and a blend of different seeds. Commonly, blends consist of perennial and annual varieties of ryegrass seeds. In such cases, the yearly variety provides big coverage for the cool season. However, you will need to reseed the following year if you want the same effect.

Other blends may offer warm-season varieties and perennial ryegrass seed. In this case, just make sure you also obtain the proper warm-season variety that better suits your lawn.

Coated seeds

Some brands offer extraordinary coating technology that protects the seeds against some natural elements. They may include protection against fungus, better absorption of water and nutrients, and so on.

This technology may help you diminish the ulterior care of the grass, but the initial care and watering will be the same as other types. If you opt for seeds without coating technology, choose among blends with the best selection.



Q – When should I mow perennial ryegrass for the first time?

A – The best time to start mowing perennial ryegrass is when it is between 1.5 and 2.5 inches long. For better details, each fabricant of seeds has its own specifications that are always between that range. So, follow them for optimal results.

Q – Are coated perennial ryegrass seeds better than non-coated seeds?

A – The coating of a seed is one of the features that seeds may offer. However, that is not the only feature. The coating can make it easier to maintain while growing and diminish the risk of plague. Other seeds might have other features more convenient for your lawn.

Is perennial ryegrass better than annual ryegrass?

Perennial ryegrass is a great choice for those who want to minimize their time and effort spent on grass care. Perennial ryegrasses grow quickly and provide excellent coverage in most soil types. Additionally, perennial ryegrass is more drought tolerant than annual grasses.

Does perennial ryegrass stay green year round?

Perennial ryegrass is a grass that can stay green year round because it tolerates cold, moist conditions. It’s also an excellent ground cover because it can grow in competition with other plants.

Is ryegrass better than fescue?

New research has shown that ryegrass, a perennial grass, is better for cattle than fescue. It can be grown to produce more forage and conserve water because it grows closer to the ground. The downside is that it doesn’t grow as tall fescue does or produce as much food, but with the many benefits that come with this grass outweighing its disadvantages, pasture managers are now seeking out seed for this plant.

How long does it take for perennial rye to germinate?

Perennial ryegrass is one of the most common grasses found in lawns across the United States. It is also one of the easiest to grow. Perennial ryegrass can be seeded in late summer or very early spring and germinates within 5-7 days. With proper care, it can survive for 10-12 years or even longer!

How do you overseed perennial ryegrass?

Perennial ryegrass is a popular lawn seed that is commonly overseeded in the spring. Overseeding means to plant one type of grass seed on top of another type of grass, which ensures that the lawn maintains a green color all winter long. However, if you are overseeding with perennial ryegrass, there are two different methods that can be followed: broadcast or row planting.

How much perennial ryegrass seed per acre?

The best perennial ryegrass seed per acre is dependent on your needs. If you just want to plant cover for the winter months, then one pound of seed per acre is sufficient. However, if you need to feed livestock, then two pounds is recommended. Generally, one ounce of seed covers up to 10 square feet of ground.

Perennial Ryegrass overseeding result

Final Words

Cold weather can lead you to think that it doesn´t allow you to have a beautiful lawn. But the best perennial ryegrass seed can easily make you change your idea. The best seed is the most important component when planting this type of grass.

And, you can verify that when you see them growing. Fortunately, you have several options to choose from and your location and are not an obstacle. 

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