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7 Best Zoysia Grass Seed In 2021

Warm seasons bring so much joy to many people around the world. That is mostly because it allows people to gather and enjoy outdoor activities. This makes many types of grasses the ideal companion. Among them, the best Zoysia grass seed stands out due to its dense appearance and high resistance.

7 Top Zoysia Grass Seed (List)

Details Guide For Zoysia Grass Seed Review

1. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch

When trying to select the zoysia grass seed, it is fair that you think how much time you plan to spend having fun on it. And, this bag will give you the grass you need to maximize your fun with family and friends.

Scotts Zoysia grass seed is perfect for a home-made soccer field, surround your pool, or create the most amazing carpet to receive your friends at parties or cocktails. As it grows under sun and shade, you can plant it almost anywhere and see it grow.

Key Features

  • It is a blend of specially selected seed variety of seeds
  • 2-in1- product that contains seed and mulch
  • It covers up to 2,000 sq. ft
  • It is resistant to heat and medium to high drought
  • It grows well under sun and partial shade
  • The resulting grass is medium-bladed texture
  • It takes about 30-60 to get established


  • Product dimensions: 4 x 8 x 14 inches
  • Item weight: 5.09 pounds
  • Manufacturer: ScotchBlue
  • Its water requirements are moderate
  • It starts growing in about 10-21 days
  • You can mow the seedlings when they reach 2 inches
  • It is resistant to high traffic
  • Although it is 99.9% weed-free, it doesn´t contain weed preventer

Final Verdict

One more time, Scotts offers an excellent choice for a specific variety of grass. The fact that it also adds mulch to its formula maximizes the chances to obtain the best grass. On the one hand, it is a low-risk alternative. But on the other hand, it is a high-paying alternative when you see the results.

2. Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed – 100% Pure Seed

This presentation of 100% Zoysia grass seeds is perfect for cooler temperatures. It means that you have the chance to keep the lush, density, and dark green color for longer periods. Therefore, during some part of the Fall season, you will be able to enjoy it just as it is Summer time.

Also, if you have pets and children, you can rest assured that they will be able to enjoy the grass without limitations. That is because this type of grass has a high resistance to traffic. And, you don´t have to worry about your budget because of its big 6lbs bag covers and extended land.

Key Features

  • 100% Zoysia seeds without mulch
  • A 6lbs bag covers up to 6,000 sq. ft
  • The seeds produce medium-textured and dark green grass
  • Suitable for commercial, roadsides, sports fields, and residential use
  • It tolerates both extreme heat and extreme cold
  • It grows well in the climate of the Southern coast in the USA to the upper transition zone
  • The best time to plant it is when the soil temperature reaches 60° or more


  • Product dimensions: 12.91 x 9.53 x 3.15 inches
  • Item weight: 6.44 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Patten Seed Company
  • Planting these seeds is more affordable than plugging
  • It sprouts in 14-21 days when seeded with the right temperature
  • You can mow the seedlings when they reach 2 inches
  • It requires low-maintenance
  • It is easy to plant
  • It is a slow-growing variety
  • If it is planted too late in the year during cool seasons, it will not have time to establish

Final Verdict

This is one of the best options if you are willing to wait for a little. Its slow-growing process can get you nuts, but after the initial waiting, you will get incredible grass.

3. Pennington Zenith Zoysia Mulch

These are sunny-loving seeds but can tolerate a little shade. That means that is a perfect choice for mixed lawns. The grass widely enjoys and thrives with the love of the sun. Due t its combination of seeds and organic mulch, it is possible to use it for covering thin areas and fill in bare spots.

So, if you need a quick fix, this is the best product you can find. Moreover, it starts germinating in just a few days. When you plant it in the proper time from Spring through September, you will have the chance to enjoy the most fantastic summer times.

Key Features

  •  It is a balanced combination of seed and much
  • The mulch is Bio-170 organic
  • Especially recommended for sunny lawns and moderate shade
  • It is more tolerant for cold than other regular products, and the grass remains green for longer periods when it enters the Fall season
  • It has improved traffic tolerance
  • With time, it develops special weed resistance


  • Product dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Item weight: 1 pound
  • Manufacturer: Pennington
  • It is 99.9% weed-free
  • 5lbs cover up to 1,000 sq. ft
  • The bag offers the product information in both English and Spanish languages
  • Germination time is from 7 to 21 days
  • It contains more mulch than zoysia seeds
  • Germination rate is only 80%

Final Verdict

If you want to extend your Summer and Spring fun, this is an excellent grass to consider. Despite many Zoysia varieties resist some cold, this is even more resistant and maintain its dark green color for longer periods. And, if you are a Latin in the area, you will be released to find a detailed set of instructions in Spanish.

4. Dibbs Farms Pure Zoysia Grass Seeds

A master combination of three related plants is included in this amazing product. Each one has its own special attributes that helped to create this blend. As a result, you can get a lawn that stands out for its color and resistance to external elements such as disease, heat, cold, and drought.

Once it is established, it has low maintenance requirements, and you can use your free time to enjoy it while it grows. If you plant it according to the instructions, it will be ready for all your summer activities and guests.

Key Features

  •  It germinates in about 10 days
  • The package contains 1lb that covers up to 1,000 sq. ft
  • It thrives in full sun and develops well in partial shade
  • Due to its dense growth, it can choke out weeds
  • It produces grass with medium texture and dark green color
  • It is disease resistant
  • It maintains a uniform color when it goes dormant


  • Item weight: 1 pound
  • Manufacturer: Dibbs Farms
  • You can reduce the watering frequency after it establishes
  • It retains the green color during the Fall season
  • It tolerates extreme heat and cold
  • It is slow to grow and cover a full area
  • The newly seeded area requires 3-4 times of water a day

Final Verdict

The low maintenance requirements make this product perfect for small homeowners who are busy. They can fulfill their dreams of having a lush lawn to enjoy during the summer and take care of their personal matters.   

5. Zoysia Grass Seed (500 SQFT)

Zoysia grass seed by born Asian. The zoysia grass seed amazon we cover ,all of them are best for popular states in the USA like Florida, Georgia, Texas etc. Zoysia Grass is highly known as the warm season grass. So in the late spring and during the peak summer, your lawn will no longer be bald.

Also you can have zoysia grass sod or grass springs. But we suggest having top rated zoysia grass seed because seed growing grass contains more strength and improves cold tolerance. So if you guys are looking for the best zoysia grass seed for Florida, try this one without any additional conditions.

Key Features

  • Offers thick and mat-like lawn.
  • Superior drought tolerance.
  • Warm-season grass.
  • Seeding rate 2lbs/1000 square feet.
  • Top rated according to the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program.
  • The package is made of 100% biodegradable cloth bags.


Weight: 1 Pound
Season: Summer
Number of pieces: 500

  • Roots grow deep.
  • Traits need a low amount of water.
  • Deep root recovers any kind of grass damage quickly.
  • Perfect for anywhere in the southern City of USA.
  • Not suitable for cold areas.

Final Verdict

As Zoysia Grass seed is drought tolerant and needs only 1 inch of rain every week, we suggest all the southern lawn owners to have this grass. Additionally, Zoysia Grass seed can handle extreme traffic.

6. Zoysia Plugs – 50 Full & Lush Grass Plugs

 Looking for the best zoysia grass plugs? Here we are covering the most suitable plugs for your lawn specially when the temperature reaches 70 degrees. Zoysia plugs need low maintenance and are extremely drought resistant and don’t require frequent mowing and watering.

You don’t need to get tense about the performance of colder days either. It will be dormant during colder months and pets, parties, golfing all are comfortably performed.

Key Features

  • The Zoysia Plugs are being made with high performing seed.
  • No time needed to grow roots in your yard.
  • Takes only 1-3 seasons to make your lawn lash green.
  • It has the ability to handle kids, pets.
  • Disease and drought resistance.


Season: Summer
Number of pieces: 50
Plugs per tray: 50
Plug size:
2” x 2”

  • Excellent resistance to cold and drought.
  • Doesn’t require frequent mowing and watering.
  • The plugs slip out easily from the tray.
  • Doesn’t grow tall faster like other grass.
  • Shipping the plugs long distance can cause brown areas.
  • It is not suitable for northern areas.

Final verdict

We all expect our lawn to become green all summer long after mowing zoysia grass plugs. But after the first hard frost the grass may turn into a golden color. So do not get tense about the color. It grows best in zones 5b-11a. But do not forget, zoysia plugs need at least 5 hours of sunlight every day.

7. Scotts Turf Builder Zoysia Grass Seed & Mulch and Wizz Spreader

This combo of seeds plus spreader covers the entire journey to plant zoysia grass. Although having a perfect lawn can give you many satisfactions, working on it from the beginning can take it to another level.

For this formula, Scotts added the mulch component, which creates a bed that provides numerous benefits. One of the most important is the extra water retention that guarantees that the seeds get the proper moisture to let them thrive during their germination process.

Key Features

  • A 3-in-1 product that includes seed, mulch, and a Wizz spreader
  •  It is 99.9% weed-free
  • Seeds are uncoated
  • The multipurpose spreader that is usable all year round for applying seed, melt, weed, and feed
  • The spreader has 23 settings for maximum efficiency and includes Edge Guard and Handy Lock technology from Scotts
  • It still thrives in cold temperatures
  • The content covers up to 2,000 sq. ft


Manufacturer: The Scotts Miracle Gro-Company

  • It combines well with other seeds, fertilizer and weed control products
  • Seeds and mulch are perfectly mixed
  • The spreader also includes 5-foot broadcast along with Edge Guard Technology
  • The spreader is the most advanced model of the brand
  • The spreader is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • The seeds are uncoated

Final Verdict

For this product, the spreader represents a great attraction for those interested in planting their own yard. Since the spreader is suitable for all the functions during the year, the investment is absolutely worthy. And, when you combine it with a high-quality product from the Scott brand, your chances to get a lovely yard are more than guaranteed.

When Should You plant Zoysia Grass Seed?

The best time to seed zoysia grass needs to have a warm temperature. That is because these seeds need sun exposure to develop properly. However, they also need strong watering requirements during the first days. In this sense, the best time is Spring. It gives the seed a good warm temperature. When Summer arrives, they should be already established and growing.

The Most suitable time to plant zoysia grass seed is in late spring to early summer when the daily temperature stays consistently around 70 degrees. Moreover, you can plant seed during early fall when temperature stays warm but make sure the planting has been done at least 60 days before the first fall of frost.

How to plant Zoysia Grass Seed

Zoysia grass has specific features that make it necessary to take some previsions before planting it. Among them, preparing the soil is essential and is necessary to till the soil. That assures the grass grows uniformly. Then, the process should include at least the following:

  • Select the type of Zoysia that you prefer
  • Spread the seeds. You can do it by hand or using a spreader
  • Water the area about 2-3 times a day until it germinates and then lows the requirements according to the instruction of each manufacturer

Why to Choose the Best Zoysia Grass Seed

Zoysia grass seed is sold by many companies on the market, but only a few are known for offering quality products. If you desire to have a beautiful lawn without any problems with pest or weed infestation, Zoysia seed may be the best choice due to some of its features.It starts growing fast and it is very hard to become treated as a weed and does not require much water and prefers dry and hot climates, so it can adapt easily to new conditions.

 Zoysia can grow up to twenty inches in a year and will provide an impressive appearance if properly maintained. It also needs less mowing than other grass types. Zoysia grass seed is also great for improving the soil. It will grow roots deep into the dirt, making it very hard for weeds to sprout on your lawn. Zoysia can grow in many different soils and will make every part of your yard look like new.

Zoysia Grass
Zoysia Grass

Buying Guide

Thankfully, zoysia grass seeds are easy to find and plant. That makes the selection process a lot easier. However, it is important that consider some basic elements to make sure you are getting what you need.

Zoysia grass seed is the best choice because it has many great qualities. Zoysia can grow without any problems in poor soil conditions and it needs little water to survive. It will provide a beautiful green color all year around and you won’t need to worry about weeds or pests attacking your lawn. The roots can also help improve the soil in your yard and the grass seed doesn’t require too much maintenance when grown. Zoysia is a great choice if you have children or pets since it is very difficult to infest with weeds, pests or even diseases that can destroy your lawn.

Sun & Shade

Zoysia seeds and grass need at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight or strong sun reflect. Although many zoysia seeds claim to be shade tolerant, it doesn´t mean that hey can grow in the shade. That is what partial shade means. This is to say, some hours of shade and some hours of sun.

Watering Requirements

Commonly, zoysia grass is a low-maintenance grass. However, during the first days and until the seeds get established, it is necessary to water them at least 2-3 times a day. So, consider that all the varieties require this time and care.

Blends, Coats, and Other Enhancers

Like many other grass varieties, some zoysia grass seeds also come with special enhancers to reinforce their properties. But this grass is naturally so strong that it is common to find many of them as 100% natural. In such cases, most of the time, it is safe to buy zoysia grass seed.

On the other hand, some blends contain several varieties of Zoysia, and they favor easy and faster growth. They are god options to consider. When it comes to blends with cool-season grasses, it is not so common to find them. But you can mix them with other products.

Cold Tolerance

Zoysia grass has low-medium tolerance to cold weather. But many seeds are reinforced to handle better lower temperatures. Such extra resistance allows better color during the entire Fall season and others. So, make sure


Planting Zoysia Grass Seed.

Final Words

If you like to enjoy outdoor activities during the sunniest seasons, then selecting the best zoysia grass seed is an excellent choice. It is a strong variety that guarantees that you will have a beautiful green carpet that can resist high traffic, heat, and drought. If you are in the right zone, you should not hesitate to consider it.

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