how to kill bermuda grass

How to Kill Bermuda Grass?

Cynodon dactylon, Bermuda grass as it is popularly known, is common in hotter regions of the west due to several reasons. It is drought tolerant, resistant to wear and tear, and it loves heat. It is a common lawn grass due to its thickness, lush, and beauty. It also has a unique character in that …

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How Often to Water New Grass Seed

How Often to Water New Grass Seed?

Watering your meadow may sound easy; that is why many people do it excitingly without thinking of the possibilities of running the new grass seed.  This may definitely reduce your chances of achieving that healthy and beautiful lawn.  Always take note of the following aspects when watering your newly planted yard: Too much water may …

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How to Cut Tall Grass

How to Cut Tall Grass?

If you are looking into achieving green, thick, lusher, and beautiful grass, then you need to maintain it perfectly. Apart from watering, fertilization cut your lawn to the right height to enhance its appearance. This is how to cut tall grass our lawn: Can I mow tallgrass? If you traveled for a whole year and just …

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how to revive dead grass

How to Revive Dead Grass?

A lawn may die, especially when heat and drought sets in.  None the less, your lawn might not be dead completely. They might be in that status of conserving resources until the conditions are better. However, keep in mind that most people first look at your lawn when they pay you a visit.  There is …

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How To Get Dark Green Grass

How to Get Dark Green Grass?

Everyone wants to achieve that green-dark, healthier, and beautiful grass. Some claim that their lawn is well mowed, thatched, fertilized, and irrigated, but still,it is not yet dark-green. Do I add iron or other supplements or what? Well, this article will help you learn how to achieve the desired meadow: Why is not my grass …

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How does grass reproduce

How Does Grass Reproduce?

IntroJust like any other plant out there, grasses have flowers, pistil, stamens as well as ovary.  They cross-pollinate as others self-pollinate. Some meadows are hybrids; hence lack seeds and transferring them from one lawn to another is only possible through plugs. Read ahead and learn more about the how does grass reproduce:Does cutting grass make …

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