Centipede Grass Fertilizer Schedule

Centipede Grass Fertilizer Schedule

Do you have a centipede lawn and want to know about the centipede grass fertilizer schedule? Then read throughout this content. It will certainly assist you.

Centipede grass is a slow, thriving, warm-weather grass. The color of this grass is apple green. This grass is well-upholstered winged turf grass. 

This grass requires limited fertilizer. This will endure sufficient shade and irregular mowing. So to keep the lawn well-trimmed and lovely, you should follow a fertilizer schedule. 

Centipede Grass Fertilizer Schedule 

Centipede grass doesn’t need much fertilizer. Overfertilization can damage the grass. So you should maintain a fertilizer schedule to keep the lawn beautiful.

January to April 

Before applying fertilizer, you should go through a soil test. This test result will instruct you about the requirements. 

Though the fertilizer that contains nitrogen shouldn’t be applied to the lawn during this time, because of fertilization, if the new centipede grass seed growth is encouraged in the early spring and remains till the late sleet can damage the grass.

May to August 

Sometimes people ask when to fertilize centipede grass in South Carolina? So the answer is after a few weeks when the grass green up is the best time to apply fertilizer.

Usually, mid-May is the best time for fertilization. 15-0-15 ratio fertilizer is the best fertilizer for centipede grass in South Carolina. The 15-0-15 fertilizer bag carries 15% nitrogen, 0% phosphorus and 15% potassium. This fertilizer ratio is also the best fertilizer for centipede grass in Florida.

September to December 

Don’t use nitrogen during this time. Because of winter durability, it can suggest an incomplete level of potassium. To fill up the shortage of potassium, you can apply one pound of potassium per 1000 sq ft. Apply it 4-6 weeks before the first sleet. Or use two pounds of potassium sulfate per 1000 sq ft.

Mowing Schedule

From January to April, you should mow the lawn a little. The mower blade height should be 1 inch high from the lawn. When the lawn green up, you can reduce the height of the mower but don’t set it too low that it might peel the lawn. 

You can mow the lawn in late April or in early May. Use a sharpened mower blade to cut the grass easily unless if it tears the grass can occur diseases.

Get started with mowing the lawn first from May to August. During this time, you should keep the mower blade height 2 inches high from the lawn. Be careful while mowing the lawn. If the lawn doesn’t look good, then lift the mower blade to the previous length.

From September to December, mow your lawn at a normal height until the temperature decreases in the fall. When the temperature falls to 70° F put up the mower height again into 2 inches.

Weed  Schedule

Before applying fertilizer, you should use weed killer on your lawn. Crabgrass and other summer weeds can grow with grass. So first, use a pre-emergent weed killer to get rid of these weeds. Apply the pre-emergent for centipede grass which is especially recommended for it.

For coastal & central areas, mid-February is the best time to apply weed killer. And for mountain areas, mid-March is the best time to apply weed killer. 

To give season-long control to regularly grassy and warm-season weeds, you have to apply weed killer for a second time 8 -10 weeks after the preliminary application.

Watering Schedule

During the winter season, watering is an important element to eliminate drought stress. Keep an eye on winter rainfall. If there is no rainfall over 3-4 weeks during winter, you have to water the lawn. 

Deep watering promotes deeper root growth. This grass should be watered when it gets dry, and the grass color turns grey-green. At this time, you can apply 1 inch of water. This grass doesn’t go sluggish like other grasses.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How frequently should you fertilize centipede grass?

You should fertilize centipede grass twice a year. First time in mid-spring and the second time in mid-summer. You can also apply feed products with it to give the necessary nutrients to the lawn.

What is the best fertilizer for centipede grass?

High quantities of fertilizer such as too extensive nitrogen can cause disease or phosphorus can weaken iron levels. So you can apply phosphorus-free fertilizer. 15-0-15 is the best fertilizer for centipede grass.

How do you thicken centipede grass?

By delivering intense watering and yearly fertilizer regularly can thicken your centipede grass. In a slight quantity, acidic soil is best for centipede grass. And the perfect pH extent is between 5.0 – 6.0.

Final Notes

Centipede grass is a dense and slow thriving grass. It is not like other grasses. It’s mainly a warm season, or you can say summer season grass. 

This grass should be mowed every 5-7 days. But when the lawn is dry in June, you shouldn’t mow very often. Maintaining the schedule may help you to keep your lawn lovely and full of healthy grass. 

So now you know the centipede grass fertilizer schedule and are also ready to boost your lawn. 

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