How many led watts for a 4×4 grow tent?

led watts for a 4x4 grow tent

Last Updated on May 8, 2022

Every kind of plant requires sunlight to grow. But in an artificial setup for growing plants indoors requires the correct wattage of LED lights to get the best results. A LED grow light provides a precise amount of light energy for a particular plant adds a specific wavelength. A good LED grow light mimics sunlight exactly. To get the best LED grow light for a 4X4 tent, it is essential to understand how many led watts needs for 4×4 grow tent. Cannabis plans usually absorb blue light more than any other kind of light. Add the veg stage; the plant requires blue light in order to overgrow. In the germination and the blooming stage, the plant requires green or red light usually.

Why are LED lights required to grow the plants?

Previously HID setup was used to grow cannabis indoors. Usually, in the 1990s, this was the go-to for most growers. But in the 21st century, with breakthrough technology of the LED lighting systems, it is set to replace HID used to cultivate marijuana. The latest LED lights technology usually produces similar similar quality of plants as HID and sometimes even better. The people who use LED light for growing cannabis have reported that PR or photosynthetic Lee active radiation is the best attribute of the lighting system.

The current latest technology of the lady lighting systems that usually draw 350 to 400 Watt power can easily replace all 600 Watt MH and HPS lighting systems. There are quite a lot of varieties and are traditionally very pocket-friendly in the long term.

The LED grow lights usually emit both UV rays and infrared rays. So, the wavelength can be easily adjusted to release UV rays [blue rays] in the vegetative state and then later to infrared rays [red rays] for the germination stage. With the latest technology of the LED grow lights, it is straightforward to control the wavelength.

How to calculate the required wattage per square foot?

LED lights have become quite famous in the market due to their highest photosynthetically active radiation attribute. They usually also last longer, which is why it is a favorable investment. On average, a LED light can last up to 10,000 hours. But the lifespan can also be increased by not using the light at total capacity always. Also, sometimes the companies mark up the wattage, but it works at a lesser power. For example and sunlight can be marked at 5 watts but only work at three watts. But it is not a very important factor when trying to calculate the wattage.

Requirement per square foot

Usually, a 10 square foot area requires 400 watts. The LED grow lights, on average, require 30 to 50 watts. This is not a specific number since every LED grow light is different, and some can even be energy efficient. But this is a standard number where the average wattage is 40 to 50 watts.

How do you decide on the best LED grow lights for 4X4 tents?

It is crucial to consider all factors to get the best LED lighting system for growing the optimum quality of cannabis plants. The LED grow lights are usually a heavy investment but also a requirement. So the factors that need to be considered can be listed as follows.

What and how much is one growing?

An essential factor to consider is the amount of deep plant grown and its kind. LED lights are usually targeted at specific types of plants. Small and inexpensive light LED grow lights can work just fine if someone develops plans for personal use. But if it is used for commercial purposes, the LED grow lights require a UL or ETL certification.

Watts requirements per square feet

The LED grow lights can easily replace the traditional HID grow lights as they are very energy efficient. Usually, an LED produces light that delivers almost 32 watts to light up a square foot area. Also, the kind of plants being grown will alter the wattage of the LED grow lights. For example, if one grows lettuce and Hobbs, only 11 to 18 Watt is required per square foot. According to the number that a square foot of area requires 32 watts of light, it would amount to 512 votes in a 4X4 tent. But in reality, it has been seen that the accurate wattage can range somewhere between 500 to 650 watts.

Required wavelength

The LED grow lights are usually very flexible and can be used in scalable conditions. The LEDs can create light within a specific range of the spectrum. For example, an LED can generate white light only, it can also be made by combining different wavelengths, or the LEDs can be coated with phosphor if it is blue. The different wavelengths are required for the various growth stages of the plant and are usually engineered accordingly.

Light intensity

The intensity of the light required to grow different kinds of plants is different. Also, this stage of growth the plant is in is an essential consideration for deciding the intensity of light. The light intensity is measured in lumens, and one can use a lux meter to measure the amount of light power required. Usually, it ranges between 300 to 800 lumens per square foot. There is also something called oversaturation of light. This can harm the plants instead of benefiting them. So it is necessary to measure the light intensity required.

Final thoughts

It is important to notice all the above factors mentioned to grow the best plans. For deciding the LED grow lights required for a 4X4 tent, ensure that they are of the right intensity, voltage, correct wavelength, and hung at the proper distance from the plants. This is mandatory to be followed since the plants that grow are usually not of the optimum quality or even have stunted growth. In general terms, mostly LED grow lights for a 4X4 tent can range somewhere between 90 watts to 120 watts. But it should be curated according to the needs of the plants to be grown.

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