How to Cut long Grass

How to Cut Tall Grass?

If you are looking into achieving green, thick, lusher, and beautiful grass, then you need to maintain it perfectly. Apart from watering, fertilization cut your lawn to the right height to enhance its appearance. This is how to cut tall grass our lawn:

Can I mow tallgrass?

If you traveled for a whole year and just came back the other day, your lawn really needs proper maintenance. Well, do not worry as you can cut tall meadow by simply raising the mower to its highest setting. Make good use of the push mower, then lift deck, then gradually lower it on the pasture.  It is also advisable that you hire a professional to help you reshape your lawn.

How tall should I cut my grass?

2 ½ inches during a cool season is a perfect height to mow.  During the mowing period, keep in mind that you can only remove a third of your lawn. A perfect time to mow your lawn is when it reaches 3 2/3 inches.

How do you cut grass without a lawnmower

A gas-powered lawnmower cuts not all the pasture that is about any size; some homeowners are in a position to afford it or store it.  There are different ways of maintaining the healthiness as well as the attractiveness of your lawn without using a mower as discussed below:

  • Using a string trimmers
  • Using a scythe
  • Using shears

You shouldn’t leave your pasture to overgrow. This may not be easy to cut it without employing a mower.  This method is only suitable for small greensward areas that require shorter cutting times.

How to cut tall grass

Do you have a long lawn that needs proper maintenance? Do not panic; even though this process can consume a lot of time, we can help you so that you achieve it seamlessly.  This article discusses how to cut tall prairie without employing professional services:

Using a mower

First set your mower

Using a mower is one of the ways you can cut your tall meadow. It comes with 4-inch cutting height in case the meadow is 4 inches and above and put the deck to the highest setting.


Only cut a third of the law regardless of its height. If you go more than this, it can cause plant stress.  The best height is to keep removing a third of your lawn until you reach the desired height.

Do not operate the mower at full speed.  Even though this helps in saving time, a faster speed causes stress on the mower as well as your lawn.  Maintain a slow and steady pace.

Set your mulching blade

A good mower comprises of a mulching blade to cut the lawn efficiently. Keep in mind that the design of these blades prevents the appearance of lengthy clipping that can suffocate the lawn.  If you are, using high-lift blades as well as regular blades, then opt for a collecting bag.  This helps in collecting the long pasture clippings. You can also employ a lawn sweeper.


Mow your lawn when it is dry. Wet, as well as a moist meadow, causes improper functioning of your mower. In case it rains, avoid cutting the awn until it is dry.  Use a scythe to help in getting rid of the entire tall prairie.  Did you know that an Austrian scythe could cut tall greensward that is a meter in height?

Cutting grass using a string trimmer and mower

grass using a string trimmer

Attach the string trimmer through a plastic wire. Use a mower to cut down a third of the lawn.  If you overdo this, the prairie will be stuck around the string trimmer and cause damages.

After getting rid of the pasture clippings, use the trimmer again until you reach your desired height. There is no doubt,an unmaintained lawn for a year will have a tall and straight posture. A string trimmer works better even if the ` is bent.

After the pasture’s height has reached a point where you can trim it with a mower, you can now water it.  Make sure that you water it deeply to help your lawn recover. After irrigation, let your lawn rest for a week.

After 7 days, trim the lawn again using a mower and make sure that the machine is in the highest setting.  Cut all the sections equally to enhance uniformity as well as attractiveness.  Even though the lawn may not give an appealing view, it will definitely look beautiful after one week.

How to cut really tall grass


It is worth mentioning that indeed we can use different lawn tools to cut tall grass.  If your machine alone is not giving, you expected results, how about you opt for string trimmer as well as scythe and sickle. Moreover, cutting your lawn is one of the ways to gain its thickness as well as darkness.

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