How To Keep Birds From Eat Grass

How To Keep Birds From Eating Grass?

Birds are natural blessings of every lawn which tends to enhance its beauty & growth. However, it won’t be nice if they land on your yard and start feeding on the seeds just sewn by you. Are you worried about how to keep birds from eating grass? 

There are thousands of landowners whose grass lawns suffered because of ferocious birds. Once birds start living on the grass seeds, they will decimate them before they can even germinate.

That’s why we have listed ten effective tricks that can protect grass seeds from birds. So take the first step now and keep your grass seeds & seedlings safe and secure. 

How To Keep Birds From Eating Lawn Seeds? Check 10 Exclusive Tips Now!

Keeping the birds away from the lawn is pretty necessary, especially when your seeds & seedlings are in danger. So, we have listed ten effective tricks to keep the birds in their proper places.

1.Remove Food Source Prior To Seeding: 

Birds habitually tend to return to their available food sources. So, we would suggest removing Bird feeders from the yard one or two weeks before seeding. Otherwise, the birds will end up eating the seeds before germination.

2.Utilize Hay Or Straw Covers: 

Firstly, activate the natural Cover by raking the seeds around ⅛-inches below the soil. For thin mulching, the gardener can create a thin layer of straw till germination.

3.Protect Seeds With Burlap Sheets:

Burlap Sheets are the ultimate solution for landowners living in windy areas. Strong winds may blow away the straw covers, and the lawn remains defenseless. Burlap Sheets will consistently support the greenery while ensuring proper light, water & heat.

4.Use Mulch Cover:

Mulching is super helpful in keeping the soil moist and weeds free. They are also essential to ensure optimum germination speed and to prevent birds from eating grass seeds.

5.Utilize Repellent Net

Repellent netting to protect grass seed from birds is a fantastic initiative. Dedicated bird nets are super handy, especially if birds are picking the Mulch. 

6.Fake Hawks & Owls

Fake Owls

Setting up fake predators is a powerful strategy to protect grass seeds from birds. Just alter the predator’s position from time to time to make it more natural. We would suggest purchasing a rotating owl deterrent as it seems pretty realistic.

7.Plan A Decoy Bird Feeder:

I bet you are worried about how to keep birds from eating grass? Luring the birds with a decoy bird feeder is a good idea in this context. Just arrange a convenient feed area for birds to remain diverted and don’t attack the grass lawn. However, make sure the bird feeders are far away from the area that needs protection.

8.Use Ultrasonic Noise Deterrent

Ultrasonic Noise Deterrents are quite functional to prevent birds from picking. Though Ultrasonic sounds are inaudible to humans, birds can easily hear them. Thus, birds won’t even visit the lawn due to the noise deterrent technology.

9.Plant Extra Seeds: 

Despite all the efforts, a landowner might not save all the grass seeds from ferocious birds—plant bird-proof seeds to ease up the job. Planting extra grass seeds is an incredible idea as compensation for the loss. Sowing 25% to 30% more seeds will be enough in this regard.

10.Bird Deterrent Reflective Scare Tape

Birds generally tend to avoid reflective scare tapes. So, setting up Bird Deterrent Reflective Tapes is super effective against pigeons, geese, herons, etc. 


Do Birds Eat Coated Grass Seeds?

Coated seeds come with horrible taste to discourage birds from picking the seeds. Generally, these coatings are harmless and ensure rapid germination. Due to its awful taste, birds will eventually lose interest in the yard.

How Do I Keep Birds From Eating My Seedlings?

  •  Remove the food source before planting the seeds.
  • Cover the seeds with straw mulch, burlap sheets, mulch cover, or repellent nets.
  • Set up fake predators, noise deterrents, or reflective scare tapes.
  • Plant extra seeds for compensation.
  • Utilize a decoy bird feeder.

Final Words: 

“How to keep birds off of new grass seed?” – It’s a common worry among the landowners. If he is not wary enough, Bird may end up destroying the entire lawn. I know how much trouble you went through to plant grass seeds on the lawn. That’s why we have highlighted ten major tricks to stop birds from eating grass seed. So, take your first step now and let your seedlings grow with utmost safety!

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