How make centipede grass spread

How to make centipede grass spread?

Did you know that centipede grass is one of the most preferred choices for most lawns due to its low maintenance?  It is a suitable choice for most homeowners because it withstands drought, infrequent mowing as well as high heat. It is common in places with prevalent soils and conditions such as the coastal plains.

A warm-season grass requires little attention once it has been established.  Keep it healthy through regular maintenance. You can hire a professional lawn care service to ensure good health and growth.  Many homeowners out there are making efforts to ensure that it spreads throughout their yard but this has proven quite complicated. Read more and find how to make centipede grass spread:

What grass can I mix with centipede?

Look for gasses that grow under the same weather conditions as a centipede. For instance, Bermuda is also a warm-season meadow. For overfeeding purposes, if you want to overseed centipede grass to have a thicker and beautiful lawn then go for cool-season grass.

Does centipede grass reseed itself?

Stop mowing the grass until early fall to achieve centipede grass reseeding.  Did you know that greensward grows up to 4 inches when left alone? In turn, it produces flower spikes, racemes as well as seeds.  The seeds drop when ripening from the plants, the wind easily disperses them.

How to spread your centipede grass

spread your centipede grass

Even though this meadow requires low maintenance, taking good care of your lawn matters a lot.  Ensure that your lawn is well moisture, fertilized and mowed properly as you figure out how to make this grass spread.  Let us look into how to take care of this grass to help it spread faster:


This pasture has a tendency of slow growth but still, it requires mowing at times.  The grass level should be between 1 and 1 ½ inches.  If the grass grows taller than this level then it will prevent the penetration of sun thus leading to deterioration. The mower should be sharp to avoid tearing the grass.


Weeds are quite dangerous whenever they invade your yard. Keep in mind that they compete for nutrients with your grass hence your lawn will not be healthy. That is why you must apply a suitable herbicide during early spring to get rid of weeds.  Note that there are herbicides meant for centipede grass.


Even though most areas in the coastal plains receive adequate rainfall both during spring as well as summer, water your lawn properly during summer to keep the grass moisturized.  Water your lawn if you start seeing patches of brown grass as this is an indication of dehydration.


Did you know that centipede grass produces a lot of thatch especially if you over-fertilize or water your lawn? This also happens if you leave your meadow to grow tall without cutting.  It is worth mentioning that thatch is dangerous to yard as it creates a barrier between the soil and the grass. In simple reality, the grassroots will be growing into the thatch instead of the soil. This will definitely effect the health as well as growth of the sward thus as the thatch easily dries out. Thatch also prevents fertilizer, as well as pesticides, form reaching the soil.  

Apply topdressing that contains a thin layer of organic matter. These will break down the thatch thus preventing its accumulation on the stem.  Use a detaching rake if it is a small lawn.  If it’s a large lawn, employ detaching machine. It is also important to note that only a professional lawn care service should dethatch your lawn.


Did you know that core aeration also controls thatch?  This process allows the penetration of water as well as air into the roots to enhance good health. Identify a good professional to help you with this process.


There is no doubt that proper fertilization is a necessity for good growth and spread of this meadow.  Conduct a soil test to ensure that you buy the right fertilizer for our lawn.  It is also vital to note that an established centipede only requires a light application of fertilizer just once a year.  Consider a slow-releasing fertilizer to prevent over-fertilization.

Calculate the right quantity of your fertilizer especially if you are dealing with newly growing centipede. Consider the pH as well as the size of your awn when calculating the right quantity of the fertilizer.

How the above points enhance faster spread of centipede grass

Centipede grass grows slowly, especially during the first and second years.  Be patient, maintain the pH of your soil and practice all the above-mentioned points and definitely centipede grass will spread faster.

You can also consider seeding during the months of April up to July when the weather is warm to facilitate faster germination and spread of the grass.

Centipede Lawn Care Tips


Centipede grass grows slowly compared to others. It requires low maintains. But, still we can achieve that thick, green lawn if we consider the above points to make it spread faster.

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