A Complete Guide to revive St Augustine Grass

St Augustine the Grass is a popular kind of warm-season grass in the southern USA. This grass grows well in different types of soil, and it is drought tolerant, but insufficient light and cold weather may create problems for St. Augustine grass. A single action cannot revive the sick lawn. Its perfect combination of analysis and therapy, owners, can restore a green of weak St Augustine grass. So I say something about how to revive st Augustine grass below.

Step 1: Water the grass.

When it looks like it needs to revive, Properly give water in the grass. Make confirmed that the lawn gets water about twice a week, at least 3/4 inch. You should avoid watering in the evening for its risk of fungal disease.

Step 2: Nutrition of the Soil

A lawn might not be fertilized well enough. If not fertilized, it will not thick enough. It will suffer from pests and diseases. So use an insecticide if necessary. You can check the best fertilizer for st Augustine grass before buying. Soil pH range must be 5.0 to 8.5 for grown. If the test results indicate too acidic, revise the soil with lime.

Step 3: Enough sunlight

The Most problem is St—Augustine grass yellowing or browning. Make sure to get proper sunlight in your grass. Remove objects that block sunlight. As if the grass does not brown and die. Cut the branches that may prevent sunlight from reaching your green.

Step 4: Thatch level.

This grass makes a much amount of thatch. Though thatch natural. When it makes higher than 1 inch can create spots in the lawn, give pests home, and increase the risk of fungal infection.

Step 5: Mow

Keep your dethatchers blades to a medium level. It is necessary to avoid taking too much thatch out of the grass. Mow every ten days and keep the grass one to three inches tall. When you use an aerator, you will use a core aerator to remove the soil plugs. Thus, you can solve your st Augustine grass plugs problem.


You should not fertilize until it comes out of dormancy. Too Early Fertilizing might be encouraged to weed growth.

Finally, you have got  complete concepts about how to revive st Augustine grass.

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