speed Up Grass Seed Germination

How to Speed Up Grass Seed Germination?

Once, we used to think applying seeds on the ground would give us the healthy and green grass we want. But when those seeds used to keep us in suspense even after a couple of weeks, we thought maybe the seeds were of poor quality. After years of research, we got the idea about seed germination. Conditions of the soil, weather have a direct influence on germination. That’s why we are here to give you guys the idea about how to speed up grass seed germination. 

Many ask the question about how to boost grass seed growth and how to make grass seed germinate faster. Grass seed germination isn’t a complicated process. We have to find out the slow germination factors and take the necessary steps.

Before germination, you have to know which type of grass grows faster in your region like Kentucky bluegrass germinates slower than another type of common grass, ryegrass. Then follow the instructions we are telling you’re here.  

Preparing the Land

Tilled up the Soil

To know how to boost grass seed germination, you must know the preparing process of the land where you are going to plant the seeds. Preparing land is important because unprepared land causes the slow germination of grass.

Tilled up the Soil

Soil preparation is the first thing if you want to speed the grass seed germination day by day. Remove all the rocks, weeds, and derbies from the soil until a depth of 6 inches. It ensures the soil doesn’t have any rough spots.

Adding Fertilizer

Most of us ask about how to grow grass fast in summer. After tilling the soil, add some fertilizers of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus composition. Check your soil to an expert after applying the amendments and fertilizer because you have to know if any nutrients need to be added. Then start applying water to the soil.

Rake the Soil 

Finally, rake the entire land evenly. Even raking helps the seed in contact with soil. As a result, the seed gets fast germination.

Pre-Germinating the Grass seed

Everyone asks about How to pre germinate grass seed. Germinating is a process of seeds breaking through, adapting with viable conditions to grow. It is a kind of priming the grass seed for rapid growth and sprouting up from seeds. But pre-germination is not the must-do thing. Without pre-germination, you can speed up the germination process. Moisture, light, oxygen, and temperature are the main factors that ensure fast grass seed germination.

How can I Speed up grass seed Germination

To quicker the germination process, there are tips or rules you should follow. Let’s know about them.

Soak the Seeds

Soak the Seeds

The germination process I’ll describe now is the solution for how to grow grass fast and cheap. To get a healthy and green lawn, the seeds should be germinated in the best condition. Firstly, place the seeds in a bucket full of healthy compost and keep the bucket there for several days. you’ll see seeds start to expand and a little spurt on the seeds. Now dry the seeds in a fresh bucket for 24 hours and when completely dried out, plant those seeds in the lawn soil. 

Spread the seeds all over the soil and ensure the seeds reach the roots. Now place straw on the new seeds and cover the entire lawn with a thin layer to protect them from direct rain and also ensure sunlight access.


For the best germination process, seeds should be kept around 10 degrees. But if you can’t germinate warm temperatures. Seeds will be germinated, but speed will be slower. In cold countries like the UK, choose the best time for germination and planting. It can be after the winter or in summer.


1. Will grass seed germinates on the top of soil? 

– I don’t think so. Because seeds should not just be placed on the top layer of soil, they should be embedded in the roots. Also, you should protect the seeds with a thin layer of topsoil. If not, seeds will dry before germination.

2. How quickly should grass seed germinate? 

– After doing all the processes right, it takes 7 to 21 days to germinate. But if you want grass long enough to mow, it will take another 3-4 weeks.

Final Note

We talked about the process of faster germination of grass. But always keep in head that old seeds and incorrect depth can cause the slow germination of grass. Older seeds always have a slow growth rate. And ensure the depth rules for seeds, four-time depth than seed’s width.

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