How To Spread Grass Seed by Hand!

how to spread grass seed by hand

Last Updated on May 8, 2022

If you are up to making a new grass lawn, spreading grass seeds is one of the most crucial tasks. Will grass seed grow if you only throw it on the ground? If yes, then how to spread grass seed by hand?

Well, don’t worry. Here in this content, we have briefly discussed the step-by-step process of spreading grass seed by hand. We are confident that our exclusive tips will be highly effective for making a new lawn for seeding. Now stop dilly-dallying and hope into the content. 


For smaller areas of your lawn, you can spread seeds by hand. Spreading seed with hands is the same as throwing dice in craps. 

However, before you start spreading, you need to confirm some facts. Conduct a soil test to get an idea about the rate of NPK in your lawn. NPK refers to Nitrogen, phosphorus, and Potassium. After ensuring it, choose the correct time and seed for planting. Then prepare the lawn by aerating, mowing, and other ways. Now it’s time for spreading. Here we are giving some exclusive tips about spreading grass seed by hand-


First, take a small handful of seeds. You don’t need to get a grab of overflowing seeds.  


Your goal is to stimulate the same sort of movement that the grass seed is spreading tools create. You can do this by rubbing your hand together. Such as rubbing your fingers against your palm, and the seeds will come out. You can constantly move to the left and right as seeds come out, walking either backward or forward. 

However, your ultimate goal is to spread seed to have 15 to 20 seeds per 1000 square inches. As you are spreading with your hand, then first spread the seed in one direction. Then spread it to another. In this way, you can cover the whole area. If you find seeds bunching up in one place, then use your fingers to split them slightly.


After spreading for a certain time, in one certain place, your handful of seeds will runoff. Remember that spot properly. Or, if you are carrying the bag of seeds with you, put the bag there and take another handful of seeds. Then repeat the whole process from that spot.  

In this way, you move and stimulate the same way as spreading tools but with your hands. This is one of the simple ways to spread grass seeds after you finish spreading water properly and in time for the good growth of your grass. 


Can you just sprinkle grass seed on the lawn?

To get a beautiful grass lawn, you must spread the seeds properly. If you sprinkle grass seeds on the lawn randomly, your grass will grow slowly. 

How do you sow grass seeds by hand?

To sow grass seeds by hand, you have to-

  • Grab a handful of seeds
  • Rub your hands to spread seeds on the lawn
  • Remember the spot of seeds runoff and repeat the process

How do you disperse grass seed?

Grass seeds disperse in the same way as other plants. Grass seeds are distributed by air, water, or indirect transportation by insects, birds, and other animals.  


Growing a beautiful and satisfying lawn is not hard if you carefully follow some tips.

Well, we are very glad to have you till the very end. We wanted to deliver all the essential details about the process of spreading grass seeds by hand perfectly. 

Though we will depart here, we guarantee you a wonderful lawn if you follow the above points. Best of luck with your lawn and have a nice day!

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