St. Augustine Grass Fertilizer Schedule

St. Augustine Grass Fertilizer Schedule

Do you know the St. Augustine grass fertilizer schedule to maintain your yard allure? If you don’t know the schedule, then read this content for proper guidance.

St. Augustine grass is a very popular lawn grass in warmer areas. It is crusty textured Pervasive grass. It becomes brown in the cold fall season and slowly turns green in the spring season. But to grow green and healthy grass it needs to be fertilized and taken care of. So for better results, you should maintain the schedule.

St. Augustine Grass Fertilizer Schedule

St. Augustine grass is a very lovely, dense, and well-kept turfgrass. You can have a healthy St. Augustine yard with perfect maintenance by irrigating, mowing, and managing worms. 

St. Augustine is a warm-season grass that can be sensitive. You need to maintain a fertilizer schedule for having a healthy lawn. 

It is very important to sustain the time, oversee the weather and use the necessary management. The lawn management may depend on the year’s environment and the area where the turf grass is cultivated.

Fertilizer Schedule 

March to May

Start with a turf test to make a perfect plan to use the proper amount of fertilizer after mowing the lawn. Remove all the thatches with a thatch rake.

Then use a slow-release fertilizer (1pound – 1.5pounds per 1k Square feet) after mowing the lawn for the third time. After fertilization, water constantly is a must for every 5-10 days.

This period is also the best time to plant St. Augustine grass seed.  First, prepare the soil and use weed killer to get rid of weeds, and then you are ready to plant new grass.


Before six weeks of the first frosting weather, you should fertilize your lawn. Use a fertilizer that contains high potassium and low nitrogen. 

And apply a weed extract to remove the weeds. Stop watering before four weeks of the first frost unless the yard is water-pressed.

October to February

In this period, watering is necessary, but there is no need to fertilize the lawn. Just water will help the lawn to improve.

What Is In A fertilizer?

Fertilizer is a product that gives a nutritious benefit to the soil. It balances the amount of phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. 

These elements are symbolized by 12-12-12, 4-6-8, or 10-10-10 fertilizer for St. Augustine grass. If you want to know the weight of each nutrient, then multiply the percentages by the weight of the bag.

Quick-Release Fertilizer

Nitrogen is the most significant element than phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen turns the grass green. 

A quick-release fertilizer helps to make effective all the nitrogen immediately when you apply it on grass. The fertilizer also releases phosphorus and potassium, but they aren’t easily absorbed.

Slow-Release Fertilizer 

A slow-release fertilizer will give a small amount of nitrogen available and will not give a quick result of green growth. But it provides all the nutrients that grass needs. And it helps to resist maladies and insects.

Best Fertilizers 

There are a lot of fertilizers for st. Augustine grass. So people want to know which fertilizer they should pick. Some people ask-

Which one is the best fertilizer in Louisiana? What is the best fertilizer for St. Augustine grass in Houston? 

So the answer is you have to choose a perfect fertilizer in perfect weather that suits your lawn. You can use Lesco St. Augustine fertilizer for your yard. Scotts fertilizer St. Augustine grass is also preferable in Louisiana and Houston.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I fertilize St. Augustine grass?

You should fertilize St. Augustine grass in Spring for the first time. But after the grass turned green completely. Before that time, if you use fertilizer may damage the yard.

Which fertilizer is best for St Augustine grass?

The fertilizer, which contains 1pound of nitrogen for every 1k Sq. feet of turf, is the best fertilizer for Augustine grass. Fertilizer should be used in the perfect quantity.

When should I fertilize my St. Augustine grass in Florida?

Fertilizer should be used three weeks after the grass change the color and turns green. You can use fertilizer every eight weeks or 11.5 pounds of mild redemption fertilizer every ten weeks.

Final notes 

Lots of weed & feed products are available in the market and fertilizer also. There is a small difference between weed & feed and fertilizer. 

Weed & feed gives nutrients to grass and also kills weeds. But fertilizer only provides nutrients in the perfect amount. It helps to improve grass color and growth. 

This is all about the St. Augustine grass fertilizer schedule. If you follow the schedule, it might help you grow healthy and green grass for your lawn.

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