Weed and Feed on New Grass

Can I Use Weed and Feed on New Grass?

Do you know the precise time to use weed and feed on new grass? if you don’t know then this content will surely assist you.

Most people have a sort of yard with mown grass. So they grow grass and cut it as per their wish to embellish the yard. But naturally, weeds also grow with grass which should be removed. So, you can use it to remove weeds and also grow healthy grass for the yard.

Use Weed and Feed on New Grass

Weed & feed is a phrase for products of yard chemicals. It is usually utilized in killing weeds in newly seeded lawns to possess healthy grass. It also enhances the efficacy of the lawn to consume food and water. 

But You can’t use it whenever you want. You should know the proper time to use it. These products are very useful to make a pleasant lawn but overuse is often harmful. So be aware before using it. Now you will know when to use seed or fertilizer.

Spring Time

In early spring may be a perfect time to use weed & feed products. It’s better to use these fertilizers before the weed seeds start to put out shoots. 

Spring is a time when the plants need to be trimmed. That time is best to kill weeds and fertilize the grass. Then, you can plant new grass seeds. Weed & feed products contain three types of phenoxy herbicides. 

Besides this, you can use 10-10-10 fertilizer for enhancing new grass growth in early spring. This fertilizer contains 10% nitrogen, 10% potash and 10% phosphate. You can apply one more dose again after 30 days. You can apply this fertilizer 4 times per annum. 

Summer Time

Usually, you can use weed & feed products in the summer but it must be in June. Try to avoid using any sort of fertilizer from mid-July to August. Alternatively, you will face problems with weed. 

If it is too hot then it can decrease weeds’ ability to consume the herbicide. So, use the fertilizer in early summer. Scotts weed and feed is the best fertilizer for summer. It will kill weeds and fertilize the grass.

Fall Time

Fall time is the best time to use weed & feed products. You have got to use fall yard fertilizer between August or November before the winter. You can use Scott fertilizer in the fall also. It delivers the nutrients yards needed in the fall and repairs damages of summer and ensures a better yard for spring. 

You can use 10-10-10 weed & feed fertilizer in the early fall and apply again after  30 days because they are often used 4 times per annum. Within the fall it is vital to use high nitrogen fertilizer such as the 25-5-5 formula. So try to use this formula to fertilize your yard. 

Winter Time

Weed & feed products don’t work properly in winter. It doesn’t have any effect on the yard during winter. Feed and weed are most effective in spring and fall. The winter season lawn is going to be supported by the autumn feeding. But you can use some fertilizer which contains potassium and nitrogen both for winter. It will help much to keep grasses fertile.

Can I Use Weed and Feed on New Grass

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Scotts weed and feed destroy new grass seed?

Scotts weed and feed can destroy new grass seed if you employ it too prematurely or awfully. So use it after some weeks of planting grass.

Should I remove the Weeds or plant new grass seeds first?

Before planting new grass seeds you ought to remove the weeds. After removing weeds you will grow healthy grass in your yard.

Can I use fertilizer on new grass?

Using fertilizer on new grass is often harmful and damages the produced grass. So if you would like to use fertilizer then try it after 6-8 weeks after planting grass seeds.

Short Note

In short, if you employ weed & feed the first season your yard will get the fertilizer it needs. So it should be applied in April. On the other hand, if you employ weed & feed too late can lessen the strength of the dose.

September may be a great time to get rid of weeds but not an honest time to deliver nutrients to the lawn. So you will notice that it is completely about timing. So, now I think it’s clear to you about the proper time to use weed and feed on new grass.

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