Weed and Feed Before or After Mow

Weed and Feed Before or After Mowing!

As a gardener, it’s necessary to know about weed and feed before or after mowing. But, the beginners, it’s tough to determine when to mow and when to weed as well as feed to the lawn. Again, the importance of mowing can increase the beauty of your lawn side apart.

Before you mow your lawn, you should better know about the process and importance of weed and feed to your lawn. Most beginners make a mistake by not knowing the accurate mowing process and losing the beauty of their lawn.

Do you want to know about mowing your lawn? Well, in this content, you will get to know about weed and feed after mowing or before. Again, you will have some additional tips for mowing, which will help you to mow perfectly. Some FAQs will also be provided at the bottom. So, without wasting any time, let’s dig into the content.

What is Weed and Feed

This is a combination of herbicide and fertilizer and one can apply this in a lawn that helps to kill weeds and raises a healthy lawn. It kills ugly weeds and improves your lawn grass growth.

As a gardener, you should know about the feeding and weeding process, which will help you to grow your lawn suitably.

What is Mowing?

Mowing means cutting unnecessary plants which can kill your lawn grass growth. So, you have to mow your lawn weekly and at the correct height.

If you want a healthy lawn, you have to mow your lawn properly and know how to mow.

Importance of Mowing and Mowing Time

Mowing is very important for maintaining a healthy lawn. Mowing at the correct height can help you to keep the weeds out of your lawn. There are many important and benefits of mowing a lawn.

● Regular lawn mowing will keep your grass short.

● You can burn your extra calories by mowing the lawn, which is beneficial for your health.

Best Time for Mowing

● The best time to start mowing is in the morning and late afternoon.

● If you think about the season, spring is the time to get ready for mowing.

When should you weed and feed

weed and feed

This is about weed and feeds to your lawn, where you may ask when you should apply weed killer before or after mowing. Gardeners also want to know about Liquid weed feed before or after mowing.

Well, this should be applied in the early growing season. Some of the lawn owners ask, can I use weed and feed in the summer? You can’t do so hot season like the summer because of damaging the lawn.

You have to make sure that there is no rain in the forecast, and you have to avoid watering after applying weed and feed.

You should apply this in the spring, and this is the best option for you. Before applying feed and weed, you have to wait 2-4 days after mowing. In a year, you can apply weed and feed in your lawn a maximum of two times.

Liquid weed and feed should be applied with a foaming sprayer. It is easy to apply liquid weed and feed to your lawn. Apply liquid weed and feed by using a sprayer over your entire lawn.


1. When to water the lawn after applying scotts weed and feed?

– Like every other brand of weed and seed, the Scotts have the same rules to follow. You have to wait at least 24 hours after applying weed and feed to water.

2. What is the next step after weed and feed?

-After applying weed and feed, you are suggested to wash your skin and cloth with soap and water.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood the weed and feed process and mowing and have learned when you should apply weed and feed after mowing or before. At the time of mowing, you need to be very careful about the process and take some safety precautions that will help you remain safe.

Moreover, you have to know the importance of weed and feed, and you need to be careful about your health also. You are requested to wear a mask so that you can avoid toxic elements in weed and feed on inhaling.

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