Zoysia Grass Fertilizer Schedule

Zoysia Grass Fertilizer Schedules

Last Updated on May 8, 2022

Seeing is believing, goes a saying. Visitors will get an idea of the owner by seeing a splendid green lawn. Moreover, a beautiful green lawn will enchant the visitors warmly. If you have chosen Zoysia grass for your lawn, proper fertilization can make your lawn greener and thicker.

Its color, thickness, and uniformity estimate lawn quality. Perfect fertilization includes timely fertilizer application in amounts and formulations that your lawn requires. 

Well, the Zoysia grass fertilizer schedule may vary from place to place. For this, you may see Zoysia fertilizer schedule Georgia, 10-0-10 fertilizer for Zoysia grass, Zoysia grass fertilizer schedule Texas and so on.

However, here in this content, you will be greatly acknowledged about the Zoysia grass fertilizer schedule. Now hop into the content to check the details.


The best time to apply fertilizer depends on the type of your grass on the lawn. The appearance (color, thickness, and uniformity) and your living region is also a fact for applying fertilizer. Always apply ½ to 1 pound of nitrogen-based fertilizer per 1000 square ft. 

 However, to maintain a constant growth of Bermuda grass, the following schedule will be helpful-


Zoysia fertilization largely depends on soil test results, and spring is a good time for this. You should apply fertilizer with no nitrogen this time, But if you see the growth of turfgrass by applying fertilizer, you should stop applying it.


Zoysia Grass grows best at 6 to 6.6 pH. For this, always add fertilizer and lime or sulfur for soil test results. Summer can be divided into three parts-

Early summer: Apply nitrogen-based fertilizer in early May. The rate of fertilizer will depend on the soil type. 

Mid-Summer: Apply nitrogen-based fertilizer in June Or July. But the fertilizer must be high in potassium, too, something like 15-0-15. The amount of potassium will depend on soil type.

Late summer: Apply nitrogen-based fertilizer with high potassium before August. For example, the ratio is 15-0-15. The amount of potassium will depend on soil type.


Do not apply nitrogen-based fertilizer at this time. Sulfur or lime can be added if they are required after a soil test. You can also add potash or potassium to enhance winter hardness, only if the soil test indicates insufficiency of potassium. 

This will help you to apply the right type of fertilizer at the correct time.

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When should I fertilize my zoysia lawn?

You should fertilize your zoysia grass from May through August. Early spring fertilization means fertilization in March/April is beneficial for weeds. It promotes premature top-growth before the roots start to grow. Late fertilization or fertilization in September may interfere with the natural hardening process.

What type of fertilizer is best for zoysia grass?

15-0-15,15-0-10,15-0-5 type of fertilizer mix is best for zoysia grass. 15-0-15 stands for 15% Nitrogen, 0% Phosphorus and 15% Potassium. Nitrogen is the most primitive nutrient for the proper growth of Zoysia. 

Is Scotts Turf Builder good for zoysia?

Yes, Scotts Turf Builder is good for new Zoysia grass. It is also suitable for the established  Zoysia lawn. By applying this fertilizer, your lawn grass will be 35% thicker than usual. 

How do I make my zoysia grass thicker?

For getting thicker Zoysia grass, use the smallest mower setting in early Spring (March/April). As a result, newly grown blades of grass will get finer sunlight and moisture, and the grass will become thicker. 


A splendid green lawn is a pleasure for the eyes. If your lawn does not look well in the first view, all of your hard work will go into vain. 

However, we are grateful to have you with us till the very end. We tried our best to give you all the fundamental facts about the fertilization schedule.

This is where we depart. Make your grass look alluring with the correct amount and time of using fertilizer. Have a nice day!

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